July 30, 2015

Your all programmed UK. And everyone knows.

Usual can't wake up properly here not enough support.. Getting there through the levels (Hi Dad & co). They can't treat us with respect here that's for fucking certain. Few Brits do if they are not military, police or otherwise trained in recognising and resisting mindcontrol and systematic child abuse by ourselves or by someone we trained.

Fucking revolting State. Our while life we have been contacted by people from all over the world saying they know about me, they know about Louise, they know about the music the experiments, the schools, the NHS, the programming, the money the sonar the radios the labotomies the breeding the GM the triggers our skills our friends the murders the total absence of any child safety anywhere the money the MPs the city and they say thank you for any help we gave them.. 

Not here though. Abuser contact only. 

'You don't exist.'

The world disagrees UK and most had no problem noticing that the writer here and Louise Johnston were two different people and found your treatment of us and all the bairns seriously distasteful.

Bout time you woke up UK keep your on the rail the sickos rammed into your heid when tiny wee if you like but the rest of us are done with it you zombie cunts. Can't keep letting you destroy generation after generation here whilst stunting and perverting all progress everywhere else because you won't process your own traumas and are scared of change.


Hear me now?