From Digitial Sheep (old poem)

more old stuff. It rhymes! Ug!


I am she who no ones knows
Following where no one else goes.
Born defeated, fearless and broke
I am the robot accidentally engineered,
Sleeping, eating, screaming,
spitting in digital.
Always a step behind and a giant
leap ahead, quiet and small
original know it all.

Stolen bitter memories slicing the muck in your mind
Clawing your conscience, sucked deep into free fall.
Drowning on a knife edge, swimming in sand
I am the motive your never confess, the daughter you’ll never admit.
I am the stare you’ll never meet.
Screaming into your deaf ears
articulating your worst fears with a laugh
and a smile. I’m the flash in your eye,
the want in your flesh, the movement in your hand
and the heat in your breath, the kick in your belly
and the shifting foundations of all you believe.
Slipping over you like a drug in your drink.
Chipped into rock, carved in skin and smudged in blood
We are the first sound you hear and the last words you speak,
The giggle as the earth pitter patters
on the roof of your coffin.


Think were defeated? Languishing in the depths
Of alienation, subjugation and divination
I’ll be counting the sheep of a million sleepless
knights, calling your brother, Gasping your last breath.
We'll trace the chasm of your guilt down the spine of your memory,
through all the shit of childhood.
Remember my eyes, my hands, my words,
I know who you are, you went to far.