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Didn't go out today, snowed heaps more overnight. No spliffage...
It brings back that filthy, human condom feeling, lower than a pet.
More at the weekend hopefully, so I can go back to being a spiritual, intelligent poet. Tired but bedroom is freezing, cabin fever, whats the point to busy turning inward, not in a positive sense but into the shit and murk. Is is possible that part of the reason I got hurt again and again is due to a mild form of autism. Is worth inquiring about, some kind of diagnosis would be very useful. Although it will be embarrising, weeping in gratatude at some psychologists feet.
Tomorrow I go back to studying, dishes. Need to get my grades up, I get a lot out of it ever if the grades upset me,Family Guy upsets me. Last week I was laughing my head of at it. sono stanka

Company at the weekend weather permiting of course, good.