November 11, 2017

Haters Gonna Hate

Still unhugged. Of course. :-(

Went to the shop with the star showing though. Glad the shop is nearby makes the gob gauntlet over quickly. In the shop one of the confirmed Satanists from the school who works in the shop to turned the corner of an isle with her eyes at the height of our pendant and never lifted them. We are angry about the school and their "would be terrible if you lost Pablo to" comments and that just what the surface parts remember but not in terror like we were last week. They wouldn't of programmed us to wear a Star of David but they will of planned to keep there promise of what they would do if we did she we leaked that we would be wearing one now. We are feeling pretty good and we don't when they're plans are going as planned. We wouldn't be wearing it if they had a real chance of taking out me or dude. Felt great outside with it proudly showing.

Head full of blood rivers, Glen Prosen, Aberdeen, St Andrews, London, Liverpool, Edinburgh. USA.. everywhere. Etc.. Once they look out the Jews and anyone not white or not programmed they turn on the women who have helped with the genocide. Sometimes they would scream for our help.. After helping to take out everyone who could hear us they begged us to save them.. We fucking told them that's was the plan. That was always the plan but they felt safer following instructions and staying dissociated. There is no way to help people who can not or will not care for or think for themselves.

Got a lovely q during the week. He said he would be round with more but he hasn't and its done. Damn. We are facing weedlessness.. Beats being cut over though. Not that we agreed to be cut for weed, that's just the satanic crap that is made up. They had Petey and tech and they don't have him or much tech anymore and we don't have survive the endless murder attempts in hospital plans to keep away from them a any cost.

We would rather know specifics about how me and the lad are gonna survive but if we could have them so would they. Really disgusted with the state of all this but we did the numbers and know all the scripts and knew this is exactly what would happen. We feel we know ourself better though and even when we don't we do a good job of defending ourself we just can't remember after. Wish we lived somewhere that wasn't built on hate ignorance and slavery though and was populated with people who hadn't killed our people and promised me and the boy we would be next repeatedly.

21st century Earth though what can we do but keep breathing and keep remembering and keep feeling proud.

November 09, 2017

"river of blood" Kirkton of Skene, unknown to present day

We have fucking done it. We slept. In Scotland. Wearing a Star of David. And as far as we can tell and we believe we are where we are experiencing we are, we are still here it seems..

Not got much else to say at this point but fucking had to say that. Fucking hell. Millions of years of anti semitism and slavery and genocide and doesn't have the power to stop us from ordering, receiving and wearing a piece of Made in China jewelry. That is broken Satanism, very broken Satanism and it doesn't work if it's broken. It's binary AF of course.

Having issues relating to "River of blood" Kirkton of Skene, 1980s to now issues.. Everything needed something and needed to know it would work and saw more than they needed to cause things are fucked up and lost it all to the other side. They were saying in the 1990s that they were doing stuff because it was gonna be in the blog. This blog. Multi level bullshit of course. What isn't fiction is the genocide and the rivers of blood. And science that proves there has been a river of blood here and if they have happened regularly and repeatedly or once or twice she can help us out with that to.

Hail Science.

November 08, 2017

Fuck You Pedozano

Well there it is. Beautiful isn't it?

We have really slept since it arrived. Couldn't send dude of out to school.  Sick at the thought of it. Keeping thinking about how some man spat into his face when we were near the bus station in Dundee once. He was three/four and we were having an okay time out as far as he was concerned until that happened. The way he cried.

You come back fucking covered just for taking a kid to the park sometimes. Would happen to Laura with Nathan to. Fucking disgusting. You cant call them animals.

No fucking way we did even half those scars there reader. There's been loads of systems over it but one of the most persistant involves people who have access to us, like the Johnstons, Niall, any fake "social" friends there has been, drug dealers, top industry slavers, teachers and GPs I think as well.

We took out the things that gave the Satanists there power beyond basic inhumanity and brutality.  "Family" were primed and sent into the flat to basicaly stop us from remembering it happened and telling anyone else. There not human. There are hard wired to hate me and everything I love because things that made them did so because they had seen that we would be the only thing ever to stop them and kept making more and more horror to stop me, to stop nature from returning, to mammals from mammaing and stop random shit from happening ever which is called not being alive.

We wanted to find somewhere they wouldn't be causing hell and destroying all signs of hope and light and water but nothing outside of quarantine was entertaining any such notions so total destruction it was going to have to be.

My God. When we could go round to Grahams and said we had with out genocide stuff and then have somewhere and someone else to fall to pieces with was so necessary. I managed to turn the anti hug machine off for a wee while! So heartbreaking watching the efforts, the rape, the murder the disgustingness involved in turning it back on. Marcon drugged up and played up by pure Brit Satanic scum. So horrific. Fuck you France we will never forgive you for still ringing loud like all the agonies and horribleness and pointless brutality. That and thank god pablo isn't here.

Think what eventually saved everyone's life was what evil that ever reigns in NASA finally realising that with the Scots in particular they really were dealing with something that really don't there to be anything left at all and that would mean nothing for NASA to fuck with, destroy, exploit, bullshit with, misunderstand, torture, ignore and misinterpret.

We had to do something with the knowing when the specific anti hug trigger had been defused because we knew that chances of anyone else being of any bloody use when we have spent decades initially frozen out of human contact and comfort quickly is nada. Everything need something. And we knew that after all the industry rings, nation states and everything horrific out there back then had had there fill we would be back where we started. With the Scots, in the UK. Business as usual except this time they wouldn't have all that backing and support. It would be me, them and whatever ancient horror they snaffled away all this time.

It wasn't even a battle. Everything they have is like literally allergenic to light, voilenty allergic to light and the brighter the light the more violently and instantaneously whatever it was was dripping down the walls and Bill and co would not be happy.

So fucking terrified. Of course we are. We are in a position to know how much danger, horror and genocide we have survived. That's fucking terrifying. We needed something that would break our fear of the Scots and that this pendant is it but no we are not intending on wearing it and are glad its winter where its gonna be covered anyway. Can't hatch the fucking spitting though. Some bloke did it up at the shops the other day. Not at me but in front of me and near the kid he had with him and we knew fine what he was fucking saying, young lads do it all the fucking time all over. Sick antisemtic man and monster made half breeds.

We hadn't even opened the amazon box at that point.

Yep. Still really need a hug. Without the extreme concerns of being attacked by mappers who make sure me and whoever it is never hug again.

Fuck it. Christmas coming. Gotta honor winterfest its the only thing I have out here and the northern lights are not as far away as they were a week ago.

November 05, 2017

"We will focus on the hugs first."

We wept. Then wept some more. Amongst all the lies and efforts to set up our death and worst from all the calls we coming into Fintry here are real people telling me their prioritised the emotional torture and manipulation. It's done. We can be hugged by people. Hugged by people who have not swore oaths to hate and hurt us forever, our poor sister does not have to be us anymore she can figure out who she is and what she wants without having to be our only representative. More than all that after all these decades we can hug our sister. We can hug our Mum/s. We can hug our Dad/s and anyone else without the mile plus long multi bomb going off.. Holy fucking shit.

Still can't have sex but how the hell can you make love if you can't hug? Impossible. And if you have only been able to hug people since last night you are not going to go out and fuck tomorrow. The height and depths triggers are still active as is the American soil one but we told them not to prioritize that. If the Americans want it priotised they can get in touch.

It took a while for them to map out me and Pabs enough for them to be confident it wouldn't be triggered by me hugging him. There was months and months of starring at him feeling his hunger and not being able to touch him. The American crew who did the mapping were taking out as soon as they got back to the states even though the people who did it knew there was little chance of them surviving. Little chance is not no chance and some of us certain they were evacuated and protected. We hope so. We needed someone to survive. We needed to feel there was life and hope for Earth even if it was false.

We struggled a bit with it in the past, the times when the computer was turned of or gone and still no one hugged us. Maybe they were just scared. A dude wasn't having it. He was adimant that if we could be hugged and "people" still wouldn't it was because they were dead. He was quite convincing but then he did the science and the sums behind his argument and we could see no flaws, it was spot on. God bless him.

Star of David hasn't been dispatched yet. It is November though and we know from ordering xmas shit that it can take a while. We are kinda confident that its wont get their hands on it and do horrible things to it before it reaches our hands. We did tell Amazon it would be happening and we would be holding them responsible for it even after if and when it gets in the hands of the British postal service which is NHS level rancid (you'll get no communication but us). We apoligiesed for that and explained a bit about the British postal service to the gathered. Some tool started the whole "how/why can this be" shit but his collegues shut him down. I wasn't in a place where we had to pretend people didn't know. Like the conversation in the car with Nick Park and his mate after meeting with Liz to see the Minions movie, no mason will ever know or understand what masons are like I do. I've seen the proof of endless Shoah in the UK, how it predates the UK and they keep the evidence of it all to torture people like me. We have wondered how there came to be some many Jews in Britain millions of years ago but then remembered, man made, quarantine and knew we had come as far as we could while Earth authorities and institutions are still completely constructed to continue the pogrom.

The gender division.. the enslavement of the female.. (breeding the dumbest with the dumbest for millions of years and breeding the smartest with the smartest and keeping them very separate) it's been going on so long that we are kinda a different species.. It's not just because of the selective breeding either it's the trauma and survival evolution that hasn't been passed to males because it wasn't required. Never underestimate the infanticide that is practiced in the UK. It's massive and always has been. What a fucking mess.

They came for the left France. And between the UK and the US they never allowed you to recover and we feel we are over the most of the mourning we needed to do.

Anyway. We can be hugged. HUGGED!!!! There is no one around to hug of course but we can and we arn't telling people to stay away because we can't be hugged, because we can be hugged. Did you get that dear reader? WE CAN BE HUGGED. It's over..

November 04, 2017

Mum's a twin

Parts were saying last night where we no longer have to fear Italians finding out exactly how much the mafias are fascist. Massive relief but also obvious as fuck. There would be no Trump without the Brits but they would never of gotten us anaesthatised in Trump tower if it wasn't for the Gabienos. The police and military aren't 100% dumb terminals like here and in the US though so that's something but all our efforts to separate the drugs and the slave trade amount to very little in long term and its quite clear authorities are all about legalising and legitmising the slave trade but not the drugs. No humanitarianism. No human rights but satanic rites are prioritized, upheld and enforced, this is the West, people arn't called people in the West..

Parts are also saying the mega bomb deep under Britain isn't just primed to go blow at us having consensual sex, being deep underground or high above it but we also can't set foot on the Americas.. thats why we had to program Mensch or some other vacuum bot to initiate the procedure that took out the worst underground slave factory under the US last year. The lovely pink gas, for most of them the only time in their horrific existences when they felt any comfort. Birds flying high, you know I feel..

She's out of her decades of winter if its true and getting caught up.. But we are still here alone and that makes it really hard to feel especially with the thought of another school week ahead of us..

No weed of course and not expecting any either and well past asking tools to be generous enough to let us pay the stupid prices for it.

It is better to know something of what would be "triggered" if we were ourself instead of just "can't" it's not PTSD and DID and a slave mentality that keeps us here its a bomb big enough to cause mass global extinction and fuck up Earth's orbit.. Don't think there is anyone else who can't get in a plane or the Earth will blow up think they are just relieved it's me and not them and use their DID to stop themselves from knowing what the systems that have done this to me have planned for them.

November 01, 2017

Rosa Menzel

See littles it's not as bad now, we can type our name it's Rosa Menzel or maybe was. Mum said her dad was a great man and she was proud of the name and we should be to and not care too much that it's been stolen as they have and are taking much worse than our names. Can't say it aloud to ourself and the surveillance or Pablo yet and don't think we could sign it just yet alone but maybe tomorrow. We are going to have to say something to him when the pendant arrives. Not much but something.

As previously discussed by many but yesterday we watched Finders Keepers and Death Note with the lad and it was not bad. We mentioned othering and sexism. We can't not watch tv with pabs without pointing out the isms. We don't watch tv with him much.. Really can't bare the big screen and all the crap pouring out of it.

Littles are relieved they can mourn Petey without being terrified of what they will do to him or what they will make him do. Turning beautiful baby boys into machines is the way of the West and imperialism everywhere. What he could of been though, what we could of been together.. there is no point in thinking like that. It's not like he was conceived in a safe home and in a loving relationship and then stolen as many are, he was the product of rape and born to a child slave, by and for the BBC, the British establishment, the American establishment, the porn and fossil fuel industries, the legions of nasty masonic techies. Designed to be a weapon against us and everyone else who thought about resisting and cared about being human. They flat lined us when they did his operations and the worst to him. It disgusts the paramedics they way we always came back. We couldn't of told them how even if we wanted to, quarantine but we would say sometimes that we have told them we have Friends and they are not going to let us go or leave us a slave so Earth can keep its ridiculous and flimsy facades while it destroys all the life it touches.

It was so good to finally hold him and it not be extremely dangerous anymore. There is chance we got Sonny out early, like hours after his birth but not Petey. Petey is finally at rest and is not a threat to anyone anymore.

His "Dad" called us at some point we seem to remembered saying that the American's had took him to the states "probably as a replacement Paul Anderson" and Tong said "Paul Anderson is dead?" and we sighed and hung up on him. Think it is quite likely we will never have to hear that monster's voice on the phone to us ever again.. wow many of us never believed we would be free of the music industry slavery but I believe we are and am very grateful to everyone everywhere who helped.

Don't know if all the assorted evil that is British lawmakers, politicians and business leaders, our landlord, the right wing in general etc still think the plan to use Petey to kill us is still ongoing. Many no doubt will they don't check facts they just stick to the script and what they are told and what they are told often comes from us so they probably do. The only promise we could really give him other than that we loved him was that we would not let them use him to kill me as they were telling him they were going to, over and over and over. He's not going to wake up and find out he is a rape bot in hell again and that is good and makes it possible for us to be.

Don't know where his body is, maybe with his Gran, maybe not but it has probably taken about a year and a half to do the full autopsy and list every old injury and every piece of tech in him.

Got a text saying someone will be round tomorrow to fix the boiler, probably the same guy who hasn't fixed it all the other times. It needed replacing when Margo had the lease but if they are not going to replace a stopcock they are certainly not gonna replace a boiler.

Shockingly enough no one has turned up with weed and we are not expecting them to. We are guessing the first contact we get will be part of immediate extraction. Hopefully, surely, that's an order.

Parts are saying bio first nation Daddy is still alive somewhere. Hope so. Love you. Even if you didn't make it this far. Pretty sure our singing while we wash dishes habit came from him.