October 18, 2017

Little Book Of Calm

We were never sure how genuine all the promises were of rewards of we got such and such back to a people or just got it out of the hands of the Satanists. We believed quite a few were genuine but doubted their understanding of what we were up against and how big and bad the big bad picture was. We were doing it anyway they were using it to enslave us and everyone who might be nice to us. The sources of peoples culture and religion the whole sources and not just the sanitized versions and using bits they could pervert as the basis for the ritual abuse was their power. It gave them total control over technology, ideology, science and all aspects of human behavior and psychology.

What got us in first was support from very far away who needed something of theirs back and that was when we saw the haul and wept over it for the first time and more or less knew we had to get it all out and help people as much as possible to understand what was lost. Horrible work for a child that cant understand why everyone can't just change even if we did help them out with the tech.
Returning it all meant studying all outside of whatever drugged up, teched up, raped state we were in when Satanists showed us things.. We had to work with people on translating it all, on aging it all it was beautiful work to do and couldn't even be attempted unless we were free and safe.

We knew they were never going to stop trying to kill us or worst than kill us when they found out but we had seen all their own attempts at culture and theology and knew they were going to be doing that anyway and having it has a mission kept us alive and allowed us to make sense literally of what was happening to us as well great meaning to our life and survival.

It was so fabulous that while when us and our comrades were all over the place returning and reading excepts from stuff. Soo wonderful and the more public it was the more wonderful and healing and worthwhile it all had been felt.

Masons were mostly not interested in that stuff they were never supposed to, its there job to be the fiction some of the head ones knew though that the power of the materials particularly collectively in regards to justifying the compulsory patriarchy and misogyny..

October 15, 2017


She came round with a lay on talk about her coming over for a cuppa and helping me clean. Says the lass we blocked for texting us abuse days after we refused to let her come round says hi, no apology for the nasty as fuck texts or anything just "hi" and lots of talk from my supplier about how the other lass is changing. We don't want to be friends with the other lass again and we don't want supplier to help clean the house and we don't want her advice on managing mental health or chronic pain. She had invited us over to hers and we said sure, maybe but the idea filled us with terror and she never texted to push the point so that was fine. I hate the being talked to almost like I am like everyone else we have asked people to analyse it in the past, preferably someone who knew bugger all to say yes everyone does treat and talk to us differently and it's obvious and measurable. We let him on the how people talk about us when we are not there, gave a shit tonne a drugs, sent him off and haven't seen him since. Good luck to you green white dude..

Limited hope of course, "male privilege within Satanic societies is as effective at destroying any natural resistance to oppression and brutality in boys and men as the intentional physical damage done to developing female brains does to women and girls." .. or something better worded and with examples and references and several billion primary sources.

People who have helped us clean this house, "Margo", "Shona", "Bertie", "Stephen/Stef", "Niall"...


Both the lasses have and are contributing to us having a head stuck in 90s captivity and extreme slavery..

Niall put 50 squids in the bank and sent a text sending love and not to worry about asking for more because he has lots..


Really quite peeved and I know we were bloody told before setting foot anywhere or being tortured by anything that the mission was not to save Earth's humanity. Over ground, under ground, and the past majority of anything that had left there in the past few million years (these bastards don't have the squeamishness over numbers that we have. They gave us all the eye watering precise fucking numbers and made sure we understood them it was the only time if we have wondered if they were Satanic to, they definitely arn't) were fubared proper.

It's us though and we knew there was so much laid down for us already with both good and bad intentions, good and bad consequences that we would have to think bigger, believe harder and fighter stronger than anyone or anything had before or we would never even be able find ourself amongst all the protection, suppression, manipulation, etc.. so we fucking believed it was possible.. Kinda had to put the biology aside in order to do which was an obvious sign that this for us not because we thought it would work. They warned us against it but what when they saw how every loss on Earth translated to many many wins else where because of everything we had learned, we knew the worst intimately and it wasn't never elsewhere it's always been here.

October Sunday the 15th 2017. Everything we said would be done in order to make education, healing and humanitarianism on Earth possible has been completed well within the given time frame. I still have no recognised identity by any authority on Earth and no one has been charged with any crime against me despite vast amounts of evidence. I still have not received due payments for work carried out on contract by Earth authorities, individuals or collectives. I am still forced to live in conditions and a location that are harmful to me and my child. I still have no contact with any of my other children or living family members or representatives of any kind. This means it is most likely we have no living family members or representatives on Earth. Earth's institutions and culture is still centered on slavery and division despite numerous opportunities to reform and all the resources required to do so readily available.

Over to you dear reader.

October 13, 2017

Word Up

Yesterday we had some decent strength pain killers, the offensively small amount diazepam we fought long and hard and were subjected to all kinds of blatant and subtle slaver talk from GPs to get, got more weed and a bottle of vino as well and wrote most of this. We know there was talk back in Dundee in particular about us slowly starting to engage our brain again. Usually the people who enourage us in this are trained in the procedures involved in the taking the intellectual property, creativity and memory of rich minded slaves so they can throw away the good stuff then hack up anything low brow, remove any diversity and empathy and hand it out to the meat muppets with tax codes and the allowed allowed to be on TV faces.

Need the drugs to properly remember and feel, to know we are real, know love is real and to get past all the slaver systems who have tortured us and threatened us into feeling and knowing very little and to share nothing. Need the drugs, the comfort, the lack of anxiety get any real break from Western Satanism, need them to remember how it felt to make a positive difference and be with people who wanted to help and not use us.

Since we are thinking about tunnels and drugs we have to give a big shout out, big tonne of love and a little bit of wot the fuck bro to Al as their main power currently is hegemony and their is a fair amount of evidence to say me and my isolation and my DID are very important to said Satanic slaver hegemony and pretty much everything physical that in the past they could use to control us is gone and can never be repeated and yet still no fucker has even texted us. For fuck sake.. The lass we get weed from has started hugging us every time we see her.. but at least the social worker is saying she is on the way out. I know man you gotta lead but you don't all need to bloody lead and we can give everyone much better support if not on our own in fucking Fife with a pubescent male child that has more money on his head than they have put on ours.

The whole Railroad brief/mission didn't not end with everyone done their living utopian paradises while I am trapped on the surface cause they have rigged Inverness and others not just to my stress levels, we did that they have rigged them to us going off if we go home.. like going back underground, like getting of Earth and no doubt if we are get too happy.. There will of course be folks attempting to deal with this but they are gonna get in touch once its done and they haven't yet.

People also have to get out because there is quite serious damage caused by everything beneath the surface that could be easily fixed if the surface wasn't all covered in flesh bots and people weren't all living underground in such ridiculous numbers and so used to the freedom and peace down there and utterly useless when it comes to physically fighting biological dissociated hoards of rapists and slaughterers with shit in their heads that will take us down if triggered. We  would try and explain that we had been through and were still in hell to get the knowledge and experience that we put into books that were usually impossible to give to people above ground and that after everything we had done and had been done to us we would not be fit to make a surface fit for cultures like themselves without massive amounts of support that would not becoming because of the programming. It was horrid when eyes glaced over when we talked about all that. The best we would get was something along the lines of that stuff being the reason they were there. We found so much underground horrific and wonderful and it isn't always obvious which is which.

We came across a small community once when we had been tunnel cleaning so long we were completely dissociated with exhaustion, horror and trigger tech. Big space, lots of light, homes and cooking spaces cut into rock. Think we would of cried if we were not completely dydrated. We watched as some got water from a well but we still couldnt drink it until we saw some of them drink it first. We knew we had to drink it anyway or we would die. After the first few sips we slumped to the ground and hated ourself because we there was a couple of tears instantly when we needed the water not the tears, we stopped ourself from licking them up along whatever our face was caked in and drank more actual water then asked for more. They stood around not sure what to feel or what to project to us until the water revieved us and talk turned to food but that wasn't an option until we were cleaned up a bit we had food stuff and weren't starving we had just ran out of water.

They seem genuinely shocked at the state we were in and some asked if we were a child and if our parents knew and we had to explain the whole thing about preparations for war to permanently remove the power of Satanic slavery and all it's sources from the surface and the undergrouds some looked alive, their eyes shinning and bodies expanding while others looked increasingly greenish. She may even of said something about her and me being female and war not "our" job which was pretty incredulous but we just said we would have to talk to her about that at another time but at the moment we would have to figure out ways of scrapping the worst of it of, getting the armor of with as minimal damage to it and myself as possible.

We could feel their relief when we showed our trust in them by asking for help in getting cleaned up. She was persuaded to bugger off at that point by some of the men and we asked a kindly old dude type if there was any women who were not.. and motioned to her and her attempt at strutting off in disgust and he didn't let us finish just put his hand on my shoulder made noise that sounded like he understood and walked of we hoped to find some women with intact brains. We sighed as he left and said to him and people who were all or mostly men with one or two women behind them that this would probably be a many person job.

The old guy came back when with another women probably a little older than the other and our heart sank, full on plummeted. These fuckers were cutters and we couldnt not know it. We wished we had at least waited until we got some help before realising. It was more awful than we thought it would be. They wait until you are asleep before anything happens so nothing happened but to be so physically close to them as they scrapped, peeled, soaked and worked of the layers of filth and filth soaked fabrics.

The first bath they led me to was amazing, huge and cut into the floor and built up with same stone. We are trying to remember the colour but have gone from it being darkish and reddish to pale and greyish.  Either way it was beautifully crafted and stunningly light and we did not want to pollute is with the filth we were deeply covered in. We asked if they had some kind of hose, they did not. There was discussions to about if the clothes should be cut off but when we explained they were quite fancy and very much designed for us to be cleaning tunnels. We were impressed when we got down the against the skin level and saw the dude had been right nothing had gotten through it we were all pink and clean underneath.

Some seemed a little surprised and some suspicious to find us so white underneath it all and there was laughter then to, again especially from the men some of whom talked about already knowing I was white. The longer we spent close to the women the more we felt terrified and physically ill. We were glad we had enough experience up top to know it wasn't that the men had not been cut and tortured just that the damage was less early and less severe. We also knew that most set ups like this where they seemed so openly civilsed and welcoming had some of the most disturbing and ancient horrific practices going behind the facade. I don't think we saw anyone under their mid teens and they had a distance in their eyes and painful awkwardness in their bodies that made me look away quickly.

The women discovered our hair and wanted talked of saving it and were not really listening to us when we said it would take too long, it was nothing but a hassle and just cut it as short as they could. We noticed one of the men head out of the smaller bath room before and hoped he was doing what we needed someone to do and that was get something sharp and hack it off,  he literally waded in to the filthy water do the job. We were seeing enough already to make sure not to look at whatever it was he used but we couldn't help but laugh at the liberation of having the sodden matted filth that had become our hair that we never really want even when it's all shinny and naturally straight. We didn't forget our self for long though. They were pulling tricks the surface Scots had given up on years ago still we knew we could not let our guard down especially as we were naked, with their horrible heads all around us and our armor being scrubed by an old women, our stuff out of reach and with some of the most deadest eyes we have ever seen and we have seen the Scots marching to their Satanic lords between it and us.

The worst triggers were when we saw the patches of gore and filth and the foot prints between them as we had worked together in different areas to clean us up. They knew nothing about what is was like up here, especially back then. We remembered being with someone when we were littler who had passed through with us and made a brief barter with them and we got some hot food, he never took his eyes of them as they cooked and spoke as roughly as I had ever seem him. When we left through the door to the next tunnels he said we must never come there alone, never eat anything they offered and never ever sleep there when we were in the night gown type thing they gave us with our armour layers drying by a fire. We had manage not to eat much, or possibly anything at all that they offered. We said we had a sensitive stomach and did actually have something we could eat in our rucksuck if it was okay if we used the fire. They smiled wonderfully to my face but we could feel the sicking rage building as they watched as eat.

We rested as best we could but it wasn't easy they had mattress type things and we were used to grabbing sleep on stone and dirt and we couldn't escape the dread that these people were quietly waiting for us to fall asleep and then we would be reminded of what was going on behind the facade and what they were doing to the kids.

We knew we could manage to get through the first night without properly sleeping much but would be bound to drop off when they got up and it felt safer and if eventually slept after this time they might not even need to drug us. We sighed out out loud and sniffed and wiped back a tear when we heard the women discuss what combination of drugs should be used and what procedures and tortures to use first and in what order the next day and we started to get up and looked at the still sodden armor and how it was going to cold and dark and filled with god knows what and some of the men didn't have to work to hard to convince us to stay a little while at least until the armour was drier and we could help ourself to their supplies in the meantime.

The men watched us and we watched the men when we attempted to rest and eat the next day until a friendly enough in a situation like that turned up and could watch me while I slept and had more non suspect food. Never just sleeping with us though is it? Always been massive issue but down there they had no idea what they were up against so we got a couple of days defrag and laid down some lovely awful tracks to make taking as many of them out as quickly and easy as possible. There was the super evil women they were more programmed with deeper levels and wouldn't fall for that and we were not sure about the men so we used the time then and after to find out as much as we could knowing it would be top level vomit inducing stuff.

We had seen it in Britain and pretty much anywhere near an ancient tunnel, when community was obviously lost and the women all cut and the men seem like they might be ok and like that whole thing was being done to them, it's all shit, it's the facade and once you get behind it you find communities of men who annihilated instantly any sign of life, resistance, hope, identity, healing, creativity in everything humanoid and female. The were endlessly practicing on animals to.

We knew we could do it all, expect the main patriach and his surrogtes basically because they had shit in their heads that if we shot at them diretly or attempted a lethal move that thing would take us out. We were getting worried, they should be here by now, they are late, stay calm focus if they don't we will figure something out but as we lost more an more possible ways out and was becoming increasingly cornered we were getting increasingly concerned. They did indeed turn up just and like exactly just in time and we came quite close to taking them all out. These were American pricks we knew what "just in time" meant, it meant they were watching and pushing us for their own ends and doing everything they can to keep us pernamently stressed rundown and overworked.

We weren't interested in their bull and told them it wasn't just "their" support that would be watching ours would be to and would be making sure the autopsyies, all of them were performed correctly and professionaly then got the fuck out of there with out bothering to clean ourself up there was no way we were taking of any layers surronded by young privilaged American males. It was only one job thick anyway, not like we had been working for months alone and without enough water to drink nevermind wash.

October 12, 2017

Witch Controlled Area Ahead. Enter At Own Risk.

Been thinking bout Honey, war name Mogwai. Been thinking about Marcon and what a horrific Satanic creation he is. Been thinking about ongoing crimes against humanity that is Nintendo. Been thinking about getting the ancient artifacts stolen and kept and used by the slavers against the peoples whose cultures produced them and perverted and incorporated by the Satanics and the slavers for millions of years in some case. They came out the slave built tunnels raped and pillaged and turn them there would be more and they would be back and would know if anyone did anything they shouldn't. How they took pubescent girls, took their art, their science, took there faith.. Returning most of all that is something that has always given us much pride and faith in the mission to keep going.  The stuff from ancient China, the stuff from what is now Iraq, the Tibetan stuff that we couldn't find anyone safe or in a position to translate a bloody word of it so had to returning it all to China as a weeping puddle on the floor was no fun. They put it away safe until we find someone we can return it to. The early early early science from Arab and Islamic areas. Way before the Greeks. Fucking hell. We clutched it pretty tight to our chest as we were driven in for the hand over in Iraq. The tiny handfull of British soldiers we had managed to keep alive were there. We couldn't not think they were worth all the effort when we saw the way they cried.

The cunts took the best from everyone and tried to force it all together to make a comprehensive Satanic culture and the masons and most Westerns are still fulltime n their efforts to maintain the genocide, the torturing and breeding of adolescent girls, mass procedures to effect brain development in foetus and children and the use and experimentation in brain damage and trauma in all ages, the destruction of the Jews and any other usually first nation, hunting gatherers and nomadic peoples who know and who had protected all they could and have handed down  resistance and survival while all around them have all trace of their natural personality, identity and history removed and replace with addictions to causing misery and agony.

Been thinking about that ridiculously old flag.. Reddish with a big gold something in the middle. Not the old Scottish one. A different one we found on or rather in Terra.

The work on the old the tunnels between the Americas and Scotland. No one can or will date it. But we spotted something very different and not European mixed up in the layers and stew of that spilled force from the undead Scots. We remembered then about the hell train and the tunnel and the Hollywood and Silicone valley Satanists at the other end and it being mentioned very early in the lists of things that had to be done if there would be any chance of getting rid of it all without destroying the planet. Things were quiet and support was around so fuck it we flew it home. Declared it on arrival. Ancient American artifacts being returned by an archeologist.. Where were they found? Scotland. Its complicated..

By Christ those fake long long ago replaced by Satanists powerful Jewish families are gonna up the ante for sure when they hear about this. But there are Satanists so if its not on the script they won't know is happened even if you tell them, they don't "know" anything they have sets of received phrases and a memory that has been entirely constructed for them.

Taking down mainframe after mainframe, emotions and head fuckup blasters. Knowing fine they would be dragging me and mine to replace them. Knowing fine they had no idea what we are, what we can do or how any of it works and knowing they were incapable of caring.

Think we should write more positive for a bit.. The other side to the first Satanic takeovers being a ridonkulos amount of millions of years ago is that people have been escaping and digging deeper for millions of years to. Once we got past the hunting grounds and the various levels of fixable Family and hopeless Satanic creatures we found more and more amazing stuff and peoples. Remembering being Queen of the Tunnels and great cleanser of the Ratruns and many many horror lab is extremely important.

We are still alone. When we see people when we have to go to the shop, get weed or see social worker and we hate it. We've studied all their histories searching for sighs of life but there is none there is hiarchy, a surface personality downloaded into their heads and Satanism. We never found anything else up here and rarely much else on the surface across Europe at all.

We got folks there stuff back and took down the worst of the machinery, with help we stopped as much of the  breeding, labs, cutting and injecting brains but it was massive and pretty much everywhere and we have never managed to stop it all as Western Institutions and British population were constructed for spreading and protecting these gross crimes against humanity.

Underground there were plenty mason free areas, little cities that were free to love, study create away from endless multitude of Satanic eyes and brains filled with tech, cuts, fat, weird big loops and the propaganda of a vicious brutalised child.

The best ones didn't need to be told they should best clear themselves and stuff out in the 20 teens..

October 08, 2017

Frank N. Stein & Co

Dear Sweetie,

Miss you. Got a headfull of growing up in the tunnels. The voices, the self determination, the friends, the help and anything with any real internal clout had us heading underground long before they officially had us on clearing them out. To be getting in touch with all that is wonderful. We remember how we made a difference down there. We remember the laughter about how we would meet "family" down there from at Russian and Scottish entrances. We remember they were right enough and how over time we did our best to give them some kind of self defence, some kind of self sufficiency back after everything they had hacked, bred and sliced away. Goodness they were not happy when they noticed the slop they chucked down was being left to rot. We couldnt help noticing that at the Russian and Scotland ends they were speaking different languages but were saying the same thing. The exact same thing.

We were dumped in "ours" in the eighties. Railroad was real. Resistance was real but the Satanism was always worse so most of a Scotland to China route was already done. One little stick of explosive was all it took and there was Chinese shouting at each other as well as all the dust all around us.

Everything was levels though and the work it has taken for people to find ground to meet and recognise themselves before they can remember others has been never ending.

Being able to put it all to together, the pretty much definite, the highly likely and the we need to find this out but it cant be done with in culture of slavery and masonic antiscience it was so wonderful. Eating lukewarm actual Chinese food in Fintry when Inshallah finished hers and we could finally get past all the slavers and let people know what was down. The red and the gold everywhere..

The searches for "Supers", the things that were done down their and how long they had gone on for.. making out first power armor from scrap and tech blagged from Satanic FBI. We had been given the history prenatal. The pure dead head Satanists were running systems that were mostly ancient but we spotted some modern technological imput over the way the start was being fast forwarded and attempts made at editing it. The joins were obvious though. These were experiences of real people that they had and they could just stick in some lines from another source and it not spoil the integrity of the whole memory set. If you had the biological facilities to notice of course. We had already been told it would come from America and even with just an amnesiac glance it was never going to be a surprise. It worships capitalism. It bows to laise faire interpretations of "liberalism" over even a most basic humanitarianism.

Their rely on programming and genocide to get what they want so their intentions are always known by the slaves. They tell us their ridiculous broken mind fantasies and we are to make them real..

To stand in front of as many as we could reach, as many could stomach it and Steven Hawking and finally be able to share what we believe to be the earliest evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse in Scotland and allow them to run their own forensics on them meant we could survive the years since then and now. Like the footage from both ends of the Hollywood to Scotland tunnel from 1920s onwards showing how they tied girls to the front of train and how they were being told it would one day be me because they are Satanists and there was nothing they could do because all the police and authorities were to.. To show a much wider picture of the history of how much persecution and genocide was being directed from Scotland and spread over Europe and elsewhere..

We couldn't fill it in. There was too much history there but it was hardly cleanable either, well not to me anyways others starting seeing what we were seeing in it, a future not just a Satanic past and present, the work and misery that had gone it to them. The deaths. So we started to let people we knew were not going to deliberately hurt into them, it was getting cramped and the space was needed and the young family was so glad to begin with but we were all having issues with nightmares. We were putting it off and we continued to do so for as long as we could and the first nations were as tolerant with us for as long as they could be. We reminded ourself of that as we stood outside a door knowing they were on the other side we could not be able to pretend this thing was a 18th, 19th or 20th Century creation.

They were fabulous of course and broke our fall and got us back on our feat with their usual cryptic clues about where else to look for help. It was horrible having to keep everything back from everyone all the time.

Don't have to now though. Can just let it all flow. The scale of breeding of pubescent girls and it's uses. The scale of hunting and the maiming the labotimies and brain cutting and injecting of infants but also the love, the life and the hope we found down there and brought down there.

Love you Sweetie. We are not so scared of the evolution stuff anymore. We just need out of quarantine..

October 04, 2017

By The Railroad. For the Railroad.

We remembered the Bethesda death tunnel. Basically anyone that came into their building that showed signs of life and was therefore no use to them was sent down there. Sooner or later. With a headfull of vicious programming, all sorts being sent at them and slaver fiction telling them the Railroad was just down there but it led to a dead end. They had us down there a fair amount. We could tell the gathered a fair amount about what was going on with the murals, the odd corpse, the gas outlets that had to get a single from the Aberdeen hard drive we were forced to build over here. They would rather let people starve to death, putting bets on cannibalism and laughing as they watched and listened, using it against family and friends and other victims.

The record of incidents where we had provided evidence of it and people in it that could be saved was fat, very fat. We wanted to stay in that moment as Merkel and Marcon stood and starred at it forever because it was so real but we knew there was little they could do then. It was still being cleared out then, the IDs gathered. The original six babies to be mourned under the pile of mostly young adults reach to the ceiling and it was pretty huge. Efforts to stop us were constant but people came together and it got done and done right with respect and despair. They told how they used us to paint it, we told how they locked us in there with rapists with tech attached to our head that meant we couldn't defend our selves, we said everything about the establishment of silicone valley in the ninities, Satanic Scotland, the even worse places and a good bit about how Satanists think computers work and how us slaves have actually built them. We told a lot about what about how slaves were breed, tortured and discarded in order to make and keep the current capitalist cooperate systems both in terms of ideology and the construction of the hardware and the programs they run.

We couldn't say much about the Railroad. There was far too much going on but anyone there who didn't know that there was something other than the ongoing work going on. We were so glad when our sister Mai showed up. We could handle anything after that. The American accent sounded right. That was soo fucking rare for us to feel. We are thinking it was Isreal one and the American one is still in the dark, still stinking, still screaming but we are making our way to it as always. If we can't get to you while you are still alive we do our best to get you out once you are gone and preserve learn as much as we can and keep proof of your existence and your agony and your death.

Once things were cleared a bit and the heavy suits were not required quite so much everywhere we couldn't help noticing the mural didn't include much in the way of Trumps. Zionists, VIPs, Scots, Brits and others and had that sick sinking "there's more.." feeling.

We were struggling when we came back over to help out with the black light work. "help" in tears up in a corner there when they were making us paint, hearts.. there is always hearts..names.. dates if we can manage.. they all had phones on them. What with things ongoing over here we had to trust that to someone else to look over.. .. We are they Railroad though and that is not a job we could of done to see it all be handed back over to the slaver bots. Especially since that solar system was done and that meant we can actually fight and don't need to be scurrying about underground and breeding like fecking rabbits when there is a shit tonne of work to be done.

September 30, 2017

...resurrect Dad.. defrost Mom..

So where's our BS levels at today dear reader? Well...

When mother saw proof that her friends she had been working with for decades were not her friends she took them all out and got hit real bad with serious heavy programming for about twenty years. When we showed her how bad the damage was the only solution she could think of was freezing with an unhackable not to be opened until date. We told the Templar Masons that they were getting what they wanted and the whole planet was gonna go up before anyone had a time to get over their programming. Plenty Scots and others knew of course that the planet and Scotland with me in it with still be a thing after that but as they techy overlords are all gone they are waiting for instructions that will never come.

It is linked to our stress levels, as in it will go off if we are attacked even if we dissociate which we are less likely to do with out the machines.

There was never any real biological match sisters. That's all shit, all about rape and all about torturing us and little bit about confusing intel agencies not there is much in way of them.

I don't when it was that we were eventually able to get to the Dad mainframe and start warming up his new flesh.. We remember looking at the defids in the room and shaking our head. When the downloading was done we put our hand over the warmed flesh and thought spoke "Dad" and felt the squishy thump immediately.. The first thing we said to him when he opened his eyes was "Dad this is ridiculous.".. He agreed. And apoligiesed for it being necessary. We accepted the apology but said it was not happening again even if they got us we would not agree so all the tech has to go. It was hard work but once it was done we started to feel human and happy and so delighted to have our Dad back. We took him to see icle mom and told him about all that and think probaly asked him to be their when she woke up because we wouldn't be able to get out and their was no one else.

There you go the one Satanic thing.. No one ever though getting rid of a Satanic planet was Satanic how could it be? But we never had any intention of blowing up Terra weeks after the end of the mechanical programming ends. Funnily enough we have never listened to "people" who would rather destroy a really pretty planet rather than see any truth exposed and their power undermined.

We remember bits of our last broadcast from Inverness and finally be able to expose the connection between Satanists, Scotland and millenniums of persecution, mass murder and replacement of Jewish populations. The DNA and brain scans of American Jews and on occupied land in particular will show this as well as the evidence that was and some still is in Inverness and France, being held by seriously evil tech companies and else where.

"Isreal" is a planet, they are very welcoming, humane, intelligent, have no problem sharing and are generally wonderful. They have always warned us about Earth Jews and said they were Satanic and not to trust most of them because of what had been done to them. We found another much more barren planet with people had been scrapping together an existence. There was something weirdly familiar about the language they were speaking and we couldn't place it until we found an old but well cared for flag right in the center of things.. Old Scotland. We got help from Buddy to speak to anyone around to find out if they knew anything about the flag, she said she didn't and we asked her if their was anyone who was always going on about the flag and stories from long long ago because there usually is if there is any culture at all and we were pointed in the right direction.

He knew us. Soon as he saw us. There is still plenty of words that they use that we recognise as Scots. It was important we didn't know any plans they had if any but we gave them whatever we could and wished them luck and said that if they can arsed helping to clean up Scotland I certainly would be very happy to see them. They were quite far away though.

We changed internet and phone providers.. This is a good excuse for them to take as many pennies of us as they can and also means Niall does not have our phone number. He has txted. We said we were out. We do not know the new phone number and are quite happy to keep it like that for now. We are back in Skene with out back to the wall and surrounded by horror every time we think of him, telling Lesley or Julie we won't phone him, we won't hear his voice, we won't agree to being given cash by him in the final days of September 2017 when we have none from people who have taken everything from everyone. We see his mother to, at that dinner but other times to saying we wouldn't be getting any money if we continued to resist.. Nothing like slavery to make capitalism a big turn off.

One of the last heavily programmed phone calls with him involved him offering us his very large TV because he needs a new one. This would involve a van and some friends of his, maybe family members... Even with the fail safe and the tech gone we can't be continuing to agree to that..

Think we can feed the lad and our self a bit today but tomorrow and monday are a bit of a concern. We might txt Niall and say we need money but we can't given him that number. For us and all the uses with nothing left but a little scrap of pride and self respect that they know they have to keep hold off else become like the slavers, Satanists and their flesh bots.

Another beautiful autumn day Buddy. The orange and green leaves out the window look amazing against a pale blue sky. We remember taking you out in Skene and letting you feel rain and you putting your bare feat in a puddle.. It was so wonderful.

September 29, 2017

Work your own farm "Maggie"

Hi Buddy,

My best friend ever ever and for always. We are feeling a bit better since we could think about you and all the fun and crazy stuff we did together. And how you are now safe and with the people that never stopped looking and hoping for you. They must of be so proud of us both for taking down and decommissioning all that tech. Think now that we have been able to disclose the truth about Dad it means they have or are flipping the switch to download him his new same as the old one before or the torture body. About the same age as when he died. Once thats done they can destroy that fucking machine cause those things are just not right but they were made though torturing uses and youses and it was the last one not in Satanic hands. But it doesn't really matter too much where those things are they are still gonna make us feel ill and we did eventually get through to them that it wasn't just the triggers of Satanists using them that made us against them..(!?!?)

My mum needs him though and once they had him in their system what could we do, turn him off? Leave him their forever? Once they said they would definitly destroy it after we felt better about and obviously there was no point in bringing him back the ways things were. Different now though.

It was so good when these parts could hear you for the first time in soo long, all excited shouting "Rosie survived." I was fairly certain it was your people that were out there because they had made you so scared to go there and you arn't scared of much. So glad you are with them but still wish you were here so we could put all the dead people to sleep and go out for a walk cause its a stunning warm autumn day and I don't wanna go out there alone with all the humanoids with fat and implants where the best parts of their brains should be.

Still hoping you can sort us out here and are not texting anyone or have any fears that if the phone rings we will pick it up. We get money on Tuesday but this is Friday. :-( Got a tenner back from the neighbour who owes us and when we went to shop our eyes were grabbed by one of those ridiclous Satanic anti science anti human anti truth headlines summit like "Maddie Cops Given Final Chance.." wow UK "journos" classy as ever.

Were playing "The snake" and have just remembered the first time we saw you dance.. and singing.. you were so triggered by music helping you out a bit with that was to some of us as important as anything.. more important than anything!!

Wondering if the "SNP" know or care about the cameras and foot count up in Inverness.  "She wouldn't really blow up Scotland." LOL!!! Think it was starting to dawn on them that none of it made any sense but they would of got a visit from their maintenance workers to stop them from noticing anything like that again or at least until after last year when they were given the final fucking chance to ditch the horror, the lies and extreme forms of social control and choose not to. Big shock..

No machines,  no Paul, no zombie sis, your home.. what next? Still feels like their zero chance of hearing from family.. which is shit but just cause thats how we feel doesn't mean that true of course since we are where we are.. Think Pablo's Dad would like help but as far as we know he is 100% still surrounded by fat heads and white power zombies. There is folk that might help him but they have been set up to see each as the enemy for so long it will be hard for them to get through all the fictions. Still though if there is anything that could bring them together it's what me and my sisters have been put through, the work me and you have done, the abuse Pablo has received and their current plans for us both. We suggest they get a fucking move on.

Oh my god its so good to let you help us with the nightmares again! You can help us start sleep working again..

Love you Mogwai.


September 28, 2017

Mum your a wuss

It was a huge relief to see the only person on the planet that could tell us apart from programmed slaves and slavers tell the Jewish kid that we once loved so so much that it would be great if things were otherwise but they arn't and I am a slave in a very pro slavery country and I can't get married. But it wasn't him anyway, at some point during all the Dundee based warage he finally after about two decades we believe noticed that we had gotten us mixed up with someone else and the cunt had been chatting to Mensch et al all this time. We had to get him out of Skene after he took the program along with everyone else that meant for the past two decades they have been falling unconscious instantly the moment the are about to witness or understand something they need to know if they were going to be able to help me and not just hurt me more. We spoke to him back them told him to stay away during 16 with him not there we would have no qualms about removing his replacement along with Stuart. He was our only friend down here for many years and we lost him because there was so much intentional, national, international and intergalactic efforts to make sure we did so. We were not ready to have him slain along with a long ago broken human and now long term slaver creation.  It bugs though when our operations take down the constructs made by slavers because they are being used to harm us and the person who has that face the whole time is now free to get on with enjoying a middle class lifestyle supplied by the slavers to keep them away from me.

There are of course some who do not agree with "being an idiot for twenty years is not the same as being a rapist and child torturer for twenty" and we often find them hard to argue with. With us we usually look at role gender bias and misogny played in it all and of course in a culture like this we usually have to let them go because a bloke with all the trappings and symbols of power made them feel comfortable and taken care of so they stopped noticing he's a liar, a fraud, a puppet, a slaver and a rapist.

We talked to the original kid after he woke up wherever he was after the shooting. It was good to hear his actual voice after all this time but the distance after all this time, all this horror and all this work to return to more horror and more slavery alone has made quite a chasm and its not one we are in any place to do anything about. We could tell him a few things we were certain of, a bit about how they were controlling everyone and how that controls our DID about how all the machines were down and that is why the internailised programming across the stinking planet is as bad as it will ever get. They think they can keep it all going until they get us back and us to make sure nothing uncontrolled ever happens ever.. and yet I'm the one who doesn't understand how things work... Think he asked what we were going to do next and it was easy to tell him and all the listening slaver feds the truth, that we agreed a long time ago to do what we have done and then wait and hope because we must not continue to try and help people who believe not in slavery but specifically in my permanent enslavement and the same for all the spawn if they can't be turned against me.

We might be getting mixed up with another call but some male voice asked about Anthony and we had to explain hopefully for the last time ever that Anthony was named Gabriel but was put through too much pre and post natal abuse and never made it into toddler age nevermind adulthood and Anthony was highly prize slaver tool especially against myself and then say with serious relief that as such we had shot him in the head three times and this gave as a better chance of getting out of enslavement than we have when he is alive. Think we were coming round a bit more because it came in pretty sudden that we had not told our mother that both "Stuart" and "Paul" were gone. She can't handle that Anderson shit but we were kinda glad to be facing that shit without worrying about someone else trying to help us and fucking up, it is what we are made for after all and we did and do agree as long as it is not all we are and they always agreed that was never the plan that would be wrong and cruel and counter productive.

"You understand now why we made you the way we did."

We never got Daddy out the second time. They had him like they had Tupac and thousands others. There was no way to bring any one back from that on a slaves and surveillance planet. We had such a strong sense of him with us and talking to us all the time for weeks and it was lovely then we realized the only way that could be happening.. In the states. Think we took the gun from an Italian dude who would feed us sometimes and let us come and go as we please until the Andersoned Feds said they would do the same to him if we went back.

Hating America like we hate Britain right now. They only thing they had going for them is that poem on the statue of liberty and know that means less than a made up confederate battle win, considerably less.

My uncle though.. we already knew he was programmed to ask us to help him download him into another body.. the real good guys had told us as part of telling us about how all humans were at that point listening to, taking advice and being seriously messed with by pretend good guys and no one was hearing them at all. I am the last hope for this whole area as we said whenever we could but the place is dead or evil so it had no good impact other than our pride at doing a difficult job and the knowledge we had given people the information, the choice that we were not sure they had ever had before.

That's all kind of unnatural and exactly the kind of thing the Satanists want me to do so they can. We can't do that but their almost all dumb terminals so they are very easy to fool. We can't do that but we can pretend we have and tried something else instead.

Way too cynical right now to know if it worked. Even if we just faked it it was pretty cool seeing scum bags response when he presented himself in Glasgow. He always saw how heartbroken we were and how the slaver had long since turned to breaking our heart since they couldn't get into our head and it was and is still working.

We have less than two pounds in the bank and about the same in change around the house, weed is all gone but it has to be said the half qs from D last considerably longer than those from C and we are hitting a place where weed isn't that much use anyway. There is some food and the housework is getting quite far behind. Weekend is gonna be rough if this continues, which it will of course. There is neighbor that is owe us money but she's obvs some kind of twisted up, procedured victim that has no intention of every admitting it to themselves and we don't want to see any of them although I don't think there is anything else living around here.

Getting quite autumy and been warm but we can't go out for a walk because we didn't get enough help in the past and are not getting enough help today. This is making us feel even sadder.

September 27, 2017

Aye yir head will hurt

"When are you gonna blog that Pac is long gone."

We had been expecting it and I wasn't alone while the they were deciding how to get the most they could out of Luna or vise versa. We hmmed and made up some options are said we were thinking it over. It was one of those many voices that didn't scare so much at all without tech and synchronized torture and it was great to be able to show him how we really felt about them.

Tupac rejected the Masonic misogynistic racist music industry programming (Rockefella club) when "the Johnstons" were still based in Glen Prosen or not long after the move to Dundee around 89/90 of course he did he would never be a slaver and never a slaver of us but we could never get through his programming to show him how we could help him. There was too many ongoing active measures being taken to stop us from showing him that we were not offering to program him but were trying to show him how he could be programming himself.

The Anderson/Grosvenor scene got him his "brothers" walked him straight to them.

It was impossible for us to not feel like it was being done to us and had been done to us every time they did it, because it does drain us, doing it to others unless we have support and help through it. He called us up to the bothey they had him. We tried to ignore it but couldnt he had already made us promise that if they did what they do to the likes of us, not just drain us but cut out bits of us and pump us full of drugs and put wires in our head and gadgets everywhere they can use us as very fancy computers that can manipulate humans as well as do vast calculations and formula and he said if I ever found him like that we would kill him and made us promise. There used to be and was many many of us being kept like that by the Templars and the Masons and the Satanists the tech was sometimes quite old as well as brand new depending on when and where it was being done. We don't feel much about us possibly shooting the Paul that had had that done to him about twenty years ago who we believe was the last after more centuries than we can stomach to tell ourselves.

Half the West at least and lots elsewhere still think they are gonna get us like that or are running programs that are supposed to culminate in that. Pathetic creatures.

They didn't have any problem finding girls to program to convince people they were us, they were volunteering and squabbling over it. We were kept heavily sedated and tied and only brought round a little for the rape and then put down again until we were heavily pregnant and they let us wake up a bit but showed us what machines would do if we tried to leave the room without their permission.

We remember a girl being told she "had to make it real" when they were going to trigger the night the actually got Tupac in us to make people think it was then and she had to act out then and there what we went through so people would think she was going through it then. We didn't think we could possibly hate a girl or girls as we did back then and are still quite there of course.  We were hit very hard with never telling people Tupac was gone and gave in the assertions that he was alive and whoever they were presenting was indeed him because it was the only comfort on offer with th intention being we would never be able to remember and process it in the states we were being kept in and it sort of worked. Except we can't be with someone who has not loved and cared for us and confuse them with someone who has regardless of how much emotions and memories they trigger but they can or could make us or my sisters pretend.

The little Jewish kid who called us Messiah would always find us and save us though and he wasn't doing it with step by step instructions he found and he fought his own way. We did get him to stop calling us that though even if he believed it and even if it was true it's inhumane and there was no way we would marry him if he kept calling us that and we wanted to because he fixed us just by being in the room and made us feel so real and so loved it would keep us alive and hopeful through the absolute worst and I think he got out before it became Trumpland officially and not just in reality.

The chance of a smart arse American Jewish kid who knows an awful awful lot about us getting to us here in the next days and weeks sounds about as likely as a black dude who just wants to look after us.

Not impossible though.

I love you, husband I can't remember the name of.. 

Listen to me. It's not the dolphins I'm worried about.

They gave us no option but to bring out the big guns over the "Stuart's name is Paul and he is your full biological brother" bullshit. It was quite funny. Having to tell him over Skype that he was my brother with some factory tools (white mid ranking male edition, think they were down to only one type) behind him. The creature would of been seriously less responsive if he just saw us hit all the nuclear buttons. Nuclear devastation is on their preferred option list, pretty easy to bring back all kinds of slavery then and not have to pretend otherwise, they reckon they will be fine and cared for and they reckon its within their power to do. They did not and do not want me to tell a fellow slave that he is not my brother and we could not say the words or anything other than what had been approved at this end by tools. We spent a lot of time in big tshirts, braless saying we would be wearing one because we were too depressed to get dressed was easy. Still horrible feeling sooo little sooo weak and being told what you can and can not say but the walking dead.

We gripped the edge of our tshirt threw the whole thing as we both had to say their stupid lies and was so relieved when the time for it to end came and we could give him a proper smile and lift our shirt. We was on his feat and punching down one of the tools pretty quick. There were non tools ready to grab if he could get at least close to a door and we were shown footage of him outside laughing and crying, it was brilliant. And ridiculous. It wasn't just about waking him and us up we needed more help with how badly damaged we were and with how many of our parts they had gotten a hold of and been torturing one way or another constantly. We knew we had no option but to internalise some of the enslavement but that we needed to get rid of as much as we could as fast as we could. We knew Stuart would be heartbroken over what had become of something that would of developed into a sexuality if it had any chance at all.

Mines is the best stuff, better even my sisters. They loved to gloat. Not that they got us much or for long because we had told the over the pond Satanists that if the scene they left us in got what it was made to do and put us through that procedure we would kill our self and that would scupper they plans. Also because my family, followers and friends have done everything they could to stop us from going through the worst but it wasn't always enough and if they got us we would be held in conditions where it would be very hard to find us or get us out.

When it did happen and I think Luna always made sure that if the worst came to worst the Scots would get her and not us because it was extremely important the Scots didn't get what they were made to get. Elsewhere though the worst happened and we would usually have to go very far away to heal and replenish leaving most of our sisters in hell in our place. Non Scots of course don't actually know what to do with what they get though and Scots have never been good at sharing and believe its "their" power even though the DNA says very few people walking around are even remotely who and have any "Scottish" ancestors if such a thing has ever existed and there is a lot to say that these practices have been going on too long to pay any credence at all to widely known and accepted histories. Especially here where using the blog and existing Capitalism and what happens to our brain when we sleep and all the ongoing slavery is supposed to be used to invent and contrust new tech that will mean they can fully exploit us to bring about all kinds of mass horror, programming and social control and this dear reader has been casually mentioned to us to our faces in passing, during torture, any way they can our entire lives.

So. What still exists in Inverness and elsewhere while the fascists everywhere are taking apart and feeble constitutions or legal rights people have? It's very very deep. We remember that and we are reasonable sure it is up in that area and not in another country. There has been other similar deals elsewhere but as far as we can tell/feel they were dealt with relatively easily with plenty support because they don't want that shit in their country but are very happy for it to be going on here. They need it, they mostly believe and any attempt to make that not true has been widely resisted and/or taken apart afterwards. Think we may of dumped some Masonic made Earth nastiness down there as a fail safe so if I am returned their it and a reasonably large chunck of North Britain will no longer be an issue and I will be safe in Lunoids lovely arms with a live map of the universe in our head and another in our computer.

So. Yeah not too likely thats gonna happen because that would be pretty amazing and the Scots don't mind all dying if it takes me down to but not otherwise. We got Vlad and Kim. Hopefully. Depending on whats happened to them over the last year and a bit. Not much to make them wake the fuck up considering who and where they are. We have phones that are going to ring with either Niall or a Johnston on the other end and no money and a head that keeps saying "Bunny is going to come and help" and ongoing bullshit elsewhere keeping all friends from coming home but we know we would not tricked into abandoning ourself because we did not know ourself and can only wait and pray and wish my faithful was here talking all that sense he talks when he's around me.

Formally the Earth approach is to possibly help us not feel like we are a sitting duck at the current time whilst making sure that is exactly what we are. We on the other hand would never have agreed to this gig if there was a real chance of that happening. The main prioritiy though of stopping the mechanical program and keeping me and my sisters alive is done and the next bit as always been stuff we have never had much time or opportunity to think about it of course. Had to leave it to our higher ups or the Scots and Feds and the Masons would have had a big a free for all as they have over the past few centuries and there would be no way to save the only planet with indigenous dogs.

They see and have seen fucking everything and have saved our everything over and over. So I guess what folks need to be fitting out is transport and homes for and awful awful lot of doggies cause I'm not leaving any behind if we can help it..

September 26, 2017

Sorry Paul I mean Stuart and Paul I'm sorry to you to..

(hello fancy name that mother gave you that is really hard to remember down here)

Yikes funds are low and we remember about the Inverness operations and existing site and what happened to my sisters whenever we left the country or the planet and how they have held our subspecies in slavery and farmed our natural materials for Satanic purposes.  Dealing with that meant it was possible to wrap up the mechanical programming, ending nowish but of course with the Scots having their sources knew this would be the case and have hit us with triggers and systems that they hope will continue to function forever, eg misogyny, Westminster and slaver culture, Trump..

Soo can't be phoning any horror story slavers for cash and that means Niall because there is no one else still in direct contact with us and still us any real hold over us. But contact from all over offering information and to work together against "the Andersons" and we took every thing we could get and everyone worked relentlessly and we got it done. Or as much as we could at the time with the mechanical programming still ongoing.

We reckoned they must have replaced by desperate Russians long ago who had no choice and didn't know what that was set up to bring about. They never abandoned it all and us all and they could of many times, serious horrific efforts were always being made to get them out of Scotland and leave the emptied out shells they had been forced and tricked into help making. They have been invaluable and we have doubts they will continue to be so.

Opening up that site.. The first time when based in Dundee and again of course last year..

It brought on a different kind of muteness in us than people have seen in us in a long time and they thought that they had shut us up but really its the other way round. There is to much empirical checkable recheckable touchable analysiable evidence in to many peoples hands, there is too much communication their hold is truly broken.

Not that we are not living in terror.. of course we are..  and know the phone is likely to ring at some point and we would really really prefer not to hear Niall's voice ever, ever again, just like all the Johnston voices.


September 24, 2017

more bro chatter

Niall's mum didn't just bring up our uncle at that meal pretty sure she brought up now too and told us not to blog about you as well and said we knew what would happen to us if we did. We asked what would happen to and she said we knew and we said we didn't or wouldn't of asked. Think it was at this point that Julie jumped in and impatiently told her mum to leave it, it she was nagging me about getting a job or how I was dressed or something. We were kinda glad it happened and not just because when another dinner who was an obvious slaver came over and put his hand on our shoulder and told me I would overcome a younger lad at his table said "Dad I'm gonna kill you." but also because we no longer had any notions of their being any resistance in the entire family. She said it all in front of the Niall's nephews who were all bairns at the time and they were completely nonchalant to a little excited by it.

They came to the door in Fintry those lads but we were their enough to let them in. There was constant calls from Lesley trying to trigger, get info, threaten etc until we got enough support from the dumbass Earth tech companies to stop it. Big important call from Niall back then to asking we wouldn't let Ewen Warren come and visit. Cant remember all of it but we knew it was going to happen. He said he didn't understand why I wouldn't let my friend Bunny come and help me and we said that everything Ewie had said to us over the phone was a massive lie. He said something about us being confused and we said we were often not as confused as we appear we had just been forced to act like that so stupid people think they are powerful, that ignoring everything someone tells you about themselves and believing others is very disrespectful and that it someone is confused they certainly can't be helped by being surrounded by people who tell them constant big whoppers.  Can't remember it all but we were very glad to be free of whatever tech makes the Andersons scary to someone with my education and training.

So much of Scotland involved in keeping us down and apart Paul the entire time. Think we overhear one of the staff telling Niall's mum not to bring me in there again, she would be welcome of course but the rest of the Cruden Bay Golf Club dinners prefer their slaves to be rarely seen and never, ever heard.

So glad I can think about you again. Hope your amnesia isn't dropping too fast but not too slow either. It's shit here without anyone.

September 23, 2017

For my brother Paul

Love and miss you Paul thank you for keeping me alive after our uncle died. Feel like I should be so relieved and happy that things aren't as they were but we are struggling with all the trauma recall especially since the cold is still hanging around and we are skint, weedless out of decent dose codiene and won't have any non food money until a week on Tuesday. Not phoning Niall though, been getting fair bit of dough of him recently and its humiliating and triggering.  Think there is a lot more non slaver peoples out there that know what he is and that helps even if nothing has happened yet. Remembered today how when they had the fake coupling between any of us they could get their hands on and Niall, we went to dinner with him and his family and saw her talking to enforcer slavers and during the meal she apoligised to us for our uncle.. Whoever was the "Louise" though was prepared and had answers and switches ready to get through it without crumbling in front of them. Seeing the looks on people who thought they were helping keep us safe after the came out of the Niall and the Andersons tent meant so much to us. We didn't have anything to say to them they ignored the evidence for an easy life year after year still though seeing them half dead from exposure to the truth felt like we could be for the first time here ever.

We keep thinking of his scars and injuries, how he always brought us back after whatever they had done to us and how many people spent so long trying to find him but white supremacist Earth and their handlers in the intergalactic slaver co  wouldn't have it.

Remembering going through some smushed enslavement and terror tech footage  with you, that was funny.

 Hope to see you really soon, we need lots and lots and lots of big bro hugs. Stat.


September 22, 2017


Oh Mum.

We got the whole story of his enslavement from him before he died and recorder it and collaborated it in as many ways as we could. It was so hard but we had to do it and no one else could as well as we could and it was too important we needed to do it for us, for you for everything. These words have been both bright and heavy in our mind for a long time. All the "you and your mother can't feel close again because you will never be able to tell her" shit.. Sometimes if we thought or knew we would get away with it we would tell some slaver tool just to hear the words, our own voices and see the look on his face before ending whoever it was. The few times we didn't we knew they would kill him for mentioning the subject or might even eventually reach someone somewhere who cared.

We put everything into the work and got everything out of it as you can see. We got through the autopsy with DID, drugs and lots of far away support who did or didn't know what was going on.

The look on the wedgies faces when got irritated enough with the brother/uncle gossip and said he was you brother we just made up an identity who could deal with it because his child niece couldn't so we made up an adult fellow slave hard as sister and based her partly on you as we had been trained to do. We told them to remember how during the rape sometimes they start saying that whoever you are can't handle it and then tell you who can this way they create the parts rather you making one up for yourself that you think is really cool and easy to respect. Think it was a scales falling moment for some of them but we didn't really care it never really made any real difference in the long term the were often already well educated and just acted around us that they weren't anyway. Yuck.

He told us everything he knew about the slavery all over the music industry and it was horrible knowing he had gone through all the same stuff we were but helped so much knowing more about how all the tricks all worked. In the circumstances and due to damage it did we gave the Aberdeen scenes a pretty decent brief but they all choose to keep things as they are or went along with those who did. We were still fighting them and that in Dundee and didn't know it was over until there tech support was unloaded of a truck in front of us. We are really struggling to remember what happened next but I think we wanted to use basic Earth tech to see it destroyed and we are remembering an industrial machinery dude wiping tears out of his eyes as he and a couple of others crushed it in a car park and it wasn't out of hate or anger. It took a while it was hard to tell especially from a disinteresed position who out of the gathered crowd was in a state out of relief and who out of horror. We didn't want to look at any of their faces for too long anyway.

We were in a state when you got back and couldn't speak we remember that and you were horrified that it had still been around. Think the little big man is probably going to get away with his screens quite late tonight. Wish we could eat, only cause not eating is starting to bother our tummy and makes triggers worse. Wish we had more drugs, lots and lots of drugs. Loved his attitude to drugs even if he did suffer for it sometimes. Next week is shit money week again and we already quite low on funds. He have him properly again though and thats huge, seeing that he is such a massive part of us and our history.

Love you (reaches for other languages but can't quite reach)


... why are the "girl with a dragon tattoo" people still mostly alive, like JK we don't need to be subtle we are Scottish Rowling, and that toxic old sick bat who wrote "Mary Queen of Scots".. they are not real people.

What Now Sir?

Well dear, dear readers, we slept all day and woke up to a text asking if we needed more essential meds which of course we do and now we have enough for tonight anyway and maybe tomorrow.. We've been thinking about all the scarring that was all over his body. Some scum had even carved his initials into his face. We could still make it out despite all the other scaring around and over it. We found the owner of those initials in Glasgow when they based us there. You can guess the rest.

As we remember now we couldn't let them beat him death we found extra strength and kicked open their drug supply cupboard and gave him a fatal overdose, took out the tracers and sent him to friends and let them run their happy final ending in their dumb terminal heads. They were not happy about realising no one had the body and that the drug cabinet was kicked opened and only one thing taken. The Scots knew it was us but their bosses said it was impossible and irrelevant anyway. We so glad when mum could finally get the last few messages for her that we had helped get out when they put us there, they had a fake British/Russian resistance ring taking correspondence from him laughing at it then destroying it or using it for themselves. We had a few real resistance Americans though and she finally got what they had kept safe all these years last summer.

We were hit hard with "never talk" programming and wot not about him but we thought it pointless at because we felt completely unable to talk about it anyway. Briefly we wondered why they didn't understand that then realised/remembered they didn't have emotions, not in any normal way and definitely didn't understand emotional attachments. We lost some fear of them then and that insight into them and the system that created him spread across our amnesiac systems and never really left. They could get us to pretend we thought they were real people but they could never get us to believe it again. It was great when they were trying to convince us for real because people would be programmed and ordered to help us, feed us and be nice to us. We always made the most of it while we could but never doubted it was fake

Bertie boasted about my uncle over at Grahams. Some other tool laughed with him and think they said their sick name for him that we can't remember. He told them he was my uncle and another tool just got up and left. There is some support for anti slavery work across Britian but not very much and usually part of "make her think we are not" ops. The best we can often get from folk is to get them to  walk away for their own interests. It's really hard to get even that from them though because the are Satanists who don't have self interests. When asked him who the hell else would kick open a drug lock up and only take one fucking thing, someone else in the room didn't need us to answer that for him. We looked at Bertie or rather through him at every failing and perverted things propping his shitty life up and told them that before going to be cared for in death in ways he could not imagine for most of his life we did gave him more medical attention than he ever got and preformed an autopsy. He got that frustrated and confused does not compute look again.

Graham was struggling. The poor dear.

It's good we held him and talked to him and showed him care and love and treated whatever injury we could but had to stop even that though because that would mean more injuries for us both. It was good we did everything we could to try and get him and information about him out even if it did us no good at the time. Afterwards we realised that if we hadn't done even we could for him then we would not of been able to keep surviving, our part in his slavery and violent death would of been too much. We understood how helping other slaves when we could was something we had to do for us even though we knew they weren't going to be many if any like our uncle and most would be delighted to be allowed to do horrific shit to us and would never help us back on their own.

We tried working with the useless Scots programmers to take away any memory or sense of him but it didn't work. There was some higher up weirdo that was working for some interests it took ages for amnesiac us to figure out we got him thinking that is the whole slave system was crumbling with us there and if he wanted to protect it he would have to get us out for a while.. and I think that may of been when we took down the giant crystal grids way up in that oxygen deprived slave built temple and he never got to see it.

Its not like it's something we will ever stop crying over but we are making baby steps forward with the devastation. It was all kinds and beautiful inside and out so they had to do everything within their pathetic and surrendered control to mark and destroy him because he was everything they can't be and fear most, an intelligent and compassionate human being.

We are scared of coping with the emotions of the memories over the next while, especially as we are a disabled lone parent and would really appreciate genuine support from anywhere or anyone espically as the big scary machines including, the scariest of all aka Zionist machine being long crushed, exploded, melted, atomized, nuked, dustified, decommissioned, dismantled and sold for scrap.. yada yada..

I love you. I'm sorry I can't remember names even if you can tell me so I will just have to call you Uncle even though I'm not sure what it means.

"Sonny" just came on the soul spotify list. eesh.

September 21, 2017

The Murdoch Scene (For (and from) my Uncle)

Not that we have details or recall at the moment. It was where I was before Dundee and the Todds the first time. Pulled out of American music scene for being to unmanageable and sent over Austria for whatever it was then Scotland. The Scots hated it when someone takes out their any of their main Satans and have always been supported by evil everywhere in making another who is given the same ID and physical appearance as the last one, its how its been done in many places for very long times and they were always trying to infiltrate anywhere they did not totally have.

So much of what we did wasn't about thinking we could stop them it was about us and our friends getting to now how it all worked and where the kept their most powerful hard ware, ideology and then using what we had found out to make it all out and make plans to do stuff that actually could make a difference.

We knew we wouldnt have any details when here alone still in mid September 2017 but we said to one of the last cunts to properly try and take over the final programming and entire operation last summer that as we wouldnt have details about that scene maybe we should focus on the problems we have with ongoing programming, like the way Pabs talks to us and most people and Todd stuff. He didn't like it.

Had the Murdoch stuff been about setting us up for the Scotland scenes? They had a lot of our sisters. We remember the guy who was making us watch it from a distance saying it wasn't bad they doing what they were doing to my sisters to protect me because I was the most special and had to be treated better than how they were treating my sisters. We knew for certain that guy was evil and a liar from that moment on. This was in America anyway. I think we got away from him not long after and with the far away support real or imagined we reached out to a Latino gang about helping me break my sisters out of there..

It's was never random anyway the order in which you were sent round the different rings and thrown into different hell holes we had enough distance from it to see how clever but inflexible it was and all the Satanists were stupid and did whatever they were told so we couldn't see how it came from them.

We wish we could give some kind of name to not old amazing scarred genius slave guy. They said they still hadn't told my mum, we could see here searching the crowds faces for someone. He had gave us how to make your someone other than you are over decades of extreme relentless violent abuse by thousands (maybe more). He believed he needed to go through it so someone could help me, one of the scenes had told him that and we were weren't sure until we remembered that when it came to slavery and intentionally inflicted human misery we knew there is no justification and no meaning its just keeps everyone down and blind. It annoyed us when he said of course we believed that we had to but as time went on and we saw him smile and then even laugh he started to be able to get it.

It was too late though and they were listening to every word and just set up traps for us. He went back to saying he would die as they planned then but said it was because there was no way out but that he didn't accept it as something that "had" to happen anymore and he said he had set the programming to help me and had to die to protect it and because we had reminded him of everything outside of rape and slavery and had shown him love in that world of pure and solid hate he could not let us see how they were treating him on top of how they were treating me. He said we couldn't survive it and we couldn't argue. We were already getting round in the tummy and they work, beatings, rape and torture rarely stopped. He did say it would be worse because of the pregnancies.  "Only the really hardly wans survive aw this. Thats why we dae it. They need to be. You'll understand one day."

Of course with all the non stop horror since then we have had little time to try and deal with any of it. Glad we have been able to just a little now but we feel very tearful and broken over it as ever. Jacqui brought him up to us once I think. Don't think she did it again.

Oh Mum. Don't let them talk you into waiting any longer. Not for any reason. 

September 20, 2017

"Fran Healy"

They had to have British Satanists involved in everything and spoiling as much as they in any catastrophic or minor inconvenience way they could. Of course the gang that made the last twenty years of breeding other extreme horrors a reality again after we had found a tiny bit of safety would be handed to young male Scottish ring creations on "musician" tickets.

And of course they were going to do everything they could do to spoil our wedding and party if they couldn't have me tied up and drug up in their spare rooms forever.

We were very split of course but I think I remember feeling and managing hear that there would be light that day for us when we saw to the plants in Skene. They told us they were anti liberal satanism we were so glad we knew pretty quickly by the way the spoke to us and to each other that they were what they were definitely not from around here and definitely not Satanic. It had been so long since we had heard people who had not been slaves and slavers for millions of years speak we wept. They gave us lots of really useful information or though we remember thinking there were very factual and not showing much emotional sensitivity but we they asked what we were thinking they came out with the most beautiful and intelligent ideas and ways of surviving that we felt so self conscious of the crappy uncomfortable badly fitting not warm enough clothes and our stupid slave brain compared to them in all there everything we started crying again.

We had to properly accept comfort from them knowing we would all start popping out and talking about all the horrible horrible things that were going on because they had told us not to and we knew we needed to to survive but there was no one even a little a bit safe anywhere near us. They were all wonderful and told us it was us that gave them everything they had and went through their clothing, equipment and ideas reminding me of my involvement. They tried to get us to talk about our sisters but we were too broken and couldn't. They asked if they could see if they could try and fix us and they very amazingly well trained and were able to help lots but it wasn't easy because our eyes just kept filling up with tears, everything was coming back but the bad stuff wasn't going away.

They said they could help us with all the rape and pregnancies planned, programmed, arranged and paid for but they could help us out with a lot of what was happening to us back then for as long as possible. Then there was lots of talk about tech and them going around the house in Skene, finding stuff, breaking stuff, wrapping stuff up. We saw the way the responded to worst in house. They were as shook up around it as we was. We couldn't believe it was leaving and didn't care why he needed its most active parts and wasn't just destroying it like most other things. There was a listener thing, we told to keep that if they wanted it would help them hear us better and they did and seemed to be a little more open to us not being a Satanist either. They needed our help dismantling it. They couldn't believe we had be allowed to touch and went all kinds of even paler when we said we had to and that the slavers said it was what we were for and that most of them were not allowed to know it all worked and slaves were forced to hand it down to each other.

We remember the old guy that they had before us to work it, he was a urban map of scaring and bruising. His clothes made us feel so glad for ours. His arms were shaking, his whole body was shaking and he kept having to take breaks. He seemed so there, so intelligent, so educated our heart was already breaking about what was going to happen next but we wanted to show him some humanity in his final hours there and he said we did. The slaver would say and shout a lot from his spot standing by the door we knew it would all be abusive but couldn't understand all of it.

We did notice the look in the old guy's eyes sometimes though that we got. He had secrets, good secrets, powerful secrets. Think he told us a few times he wasn't old and we remembered we met him when the had us in Perth Road in Dundee. Important stuff was said. He didn't want to take any chances though he needed it to be over no matter what we said. The slaver took his time when he got round to it and spoke shit to the guy and to us throughout.

That tech was the condition for them helping me and it couldn't get any worse on the tech front.  It was too good to believe that people would help us out as long as they helped us out first with the thing that was an essential factor in anything bad happening to us at all. But it couldn't get any worse. We were just over double digits in Earth years and already loosing count of how pregnancies, how many gang rape abortions, how many infanticides and how many being kept for torture and making them good money. They were far to present, too educated, too thoughtful, too intelligent and too skilled to be Satanists and if they were some kind of fancy Satanists that were just gonna keep us alive for something we would have to deal with the "something" later.

When they got that out us of he smiled at us in away that had us turn scarlet. When we told them about the scarred guy they got really excited and then heart broken. It was obvious how much like he and they were and we said so.

They were quiet then they said that meant they were going to have to put everything they have into helping us because we were the same.

He was shocked at how powerful the effect of the tech and well how trained and skilled in self defense and the anti personael arts when we weren't surrounded by it. They found most stuff pretty quickly and saved us and helped us countless times all day and all night for about twenty years and never used anything we had told them or given to them against us. They left when we were in Dundee it's was hard but we knew they had to, we knew we need to figure out how to rely on and talk to ourselves. We all also knew that I was going to go through hell and he said or rather got us to say it that we knew the only way they would leave us at any time was to come back with more.

Him and a few of them were around last year but only temporary. We have never seen him so relaxed and off duty we had to keep checking with his people that it was him. We had to ask because of the way he was smiling but not looking for much eye contact when usually he's all about peering into the depths, if it was about more than events here and he said something out Earthness has no clue about but she felt positive and slowly even hopeful for herself and us for the first time in a very very long time. Until we found her weeping for Sonny. We had managed to get him there by that point so when started hugging us and telling us he was there it got a lot better.

We told them as well when we could them anything for awhile and made the most of it because they had stripped the house and were not only not treating us not like a slave but were telling us we were special, even among their people who we were all very special compared to all down here. They brought us back to life and then slowly and patiently starting bringing us back to us. They were working with our mother but it took a long time with them before we could hold any mention of her in mind even breifly nevermind ask about if they knew we working for her.  When we said they knew stuff about us only she knew they were so happy they were crying because we remember who we were.

Nothing good and easy got to last for long though but they didn't leave we just had to hide better, act better, organise better, kill faster.  In the begininng espically though it was wonderful happy real and humane people around we heard us, respected us and didn't torture us or babies. Even through all the dissociation we could see the toll it was taking on them though and it made we want to try harder in little ways for them because I needed them. After awhile bigger things to say thank you were possible.

It might of been that first night where they went round all the houses and we pointed everything out and everyone trying to stop us was dropping and sleeping like babies before they reached us that we we told them as part of all the talk about everything because we could and had got our sticky paws on anti mute medicine about how often slavers were talking to us about how Scottish slavery was all about the farming of the extra terrestrials and finding ways to use them to keep everyone everywhere in their place. That raping, torturing and all the horrific shit they had they had gotten from people like me and known of them had ever gotten away. We already knew and knew that sometimes we did get out and we also relieved to hear it expressed so succinctly. It stopped after a while after the free Scottish slavers posh English owners turned up and told them not to along with everything they should and shouldn't do in great detail for years at a time.

We've been thinking about the archaeology that was dug up last year and Sash made the call to just destroy it and by god when we ran our hands through that dust we knew she made the right call.  Much easier of it to be tested in thousands of different places if its already dust anyway..

Recalling the name of some of the info tents and how making the history of drugs sign ourself and the Drugs tents sign to I think.. We got hospital patients involved in making the signs it was really creative chilled time amongst all the carnage. We remember looking at our parents and noticing how they were almost always holding hands and my mum looked up and squeezed it and me felt it and remembered how we put there hands together as a little kid because it made us feel better and they still were..

They were amazing weren't they? They media folk that took out local Satanists trying to protect their slave "culture" by defending the site where it was buried.

Yeah we are feeling a bit better. It's good to be back remembering things that actually happened again. It's much better being here than knowing we would in a very very bad place. It is also of course very good that when we said there wasn't enough understanding about how states were cooperating with us in order to have a threat to their power removed and were planning on mainting the present systems and a core of Satanic slavery after using us to take out all the other slavers who were making demands on our body and mind and be confident that there would be nothing I could do about it because things would be frozen forever the way the Satanists left them, very Murdoch/Trump/Tories/New Labour/dumb drug lord/misogynist/white supremacist/middle class person etc., The tech meant at that time it was going to happen and had put out a message saying we were going die if no one helped us and it picked up and sent on until it reach the right people.

Here's some sleepy kitties..

They are not scared either.

September 18, 2017

Oh my god you fuckers are amateurs

After the second yucky fever dream we gave in texted to look for more weed to pay for tomorrow. We were in those places where most the dreams we are taking place, lost there a million times but still only get vague sense of where we need to go, unwelcoming pubs, a university we have messed too much to catch up on know our way around except these days we do more trying to find our way out again rather tell our self we can catch up, everyone else seems comfortable and happy and often disrespectful to us, sometimes we have a room or flat that is often like the refuge in St Andrews that we never feel comfortable in. Skene came into it to, Margo was there but we knew she is dead and weren't sure if we told her or not, drinking going on, one point we are telling Margo is still horrible to us, why would we do that? She couldn't do much alive? We remember a fair bit of us shouting at a parade or something that was going past a building we were standing outside. About being a slave and everyone being under the control of Fascists I think. The hopeless and powerless was so crushing. We did what we were told do once it got to this point, lay down on the bed the that second upstairs bedroom in Skene and said "Bye Earth" three times, then started processes of.. It's dreamed before but not in 2017. They don't understand our systems they are dynamic and respond to events as they happen, the opposite of Satanic Predetermination.

Recalling more about how things went back to being shitty again last year. Full exposure. It felt so fucking good. All the planning and millions of people involved and instead of me being pinned down and exposed and deconstructed and broken we did it to Satanism. Some very pale faces not there was many around by that point. Fife CID were allowed in because their programming was hacked to try force them to say something true and postive about me which they cant do so all of their heads went down at the same time as they had to turn off their programming. Gave us the oppurtunity to talk how we got a fabulous taped confession from them a long time ago by going in there and pretending to act like they were police and police are not a slave ring. They said they were Satanists, that all of Fife was and always will be Satanic and then proceeding to give a pretty solid outline of their intentions, plans and schemes....

The shock in whatever system had been set up to go in there was real enough that they would think it was a different kind of shock. They left without anyone attempting anything which was very wierd. Whoever it was.. walked away smiling.

The machines.. none scary machines.. they hear us. They record us. They can't shout back. And have told them if they try to put anything than can anywhere near them they will loose more than the freaky ancient tech and without any warning. Soo funny speaking to folk over the phone that have had them for a long time sometimes after all these years of being kept very far away from them. We told we weren't in a place where we understood how phones made it louder but they maybe could but not to try and tell as then because it would just trigger us.

Had them there in Stratheden (LOL!!!) though part of our best day ever plans, so they could explain to us in states where we could not understand because of all the intentional torture aimed at stopping us, with lots of loved ones around away. It wasn't about being able to remember it know it was about soothing the anxieties of specific been the worst and never switched parts. We also needed to to get them through the crap we were going to get from the hospital once the party was over, "have you ever heard voices, have you ever felt like your hands were being controled by someone else, or you certain these things happened and the endless fucking "What do you mean by trafficking?" at the start of every fucking meeting by creatures that were confessing locality to Satan and all up for torturing and killing me and any bairn a few days before..

Imagine how many non Satanic (and probably increasingly non capitalist) folk that we have empowered have been pouring over all that Chris Todd stuff for the last year.. Bit of Satanic kingpin in lots of scenes. We had to tell him about how much of his "power" we had been studying, blowing up and infecting over the past thirty years with very very few people knowing and it was excruciating.. We remember we had to say something in Grahams we were obviously fucking glowin and we needed to make to most of the good feelings before we had to pack them away to protect the plans and us from walking around looking chuffed punishments.

Had to use it keep one of the sons on a track that wasn't Chris's. Really easy to take it away again though with a head that has grown up in all that shit. It worked. He phoned and said thanks on the day. We can never be bothered to remember which one it is and its probably saved us both on many many occasions. We would usually say it was one we were pretty certain it wasn't. It was actually funny when they tried the same shit with the special drugs and special tech support. Just exposed it as the desperate nasty small brainedness it was rather some supernatural evil total power it was just some broken man who needed as many people to suffer before he could get a hard on. As a kind we could see part of its power was in the locals not being familiar with it, this shit didn't come out of the English private school system. First guess was always check the Russians.

And here we are.