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Guilty Face

I came in from the sea
all parts like Wollstonecraft's monster
wearing your prejudices,
a sheepskin over our wolves and vampyres.
On all fours because we know its easier to take on
your knees and ankles
we were never that scared of McAlpine in his butcher's suit.
All we ever needed was to be away.


Felt the progress in therapy this week.  More of the teenage girls have come forward, that know love, friendship,  fun and were musicians, dancers who needed and worked hard for their art.  I hear and see them see them singing and playing almost constantly, awesome.  Some spent enough time in the states to become functioning conscious ANP's who knew we would all be heading back to Scotland sooner or later and usually via some English and/or European rings aiming to make a lot of money fast over a few days and were going to work and sell me to get it.  You know it works with sexual abuse, porn and anything else for that matter if you start to get into something.  It was always getting worse.

Sometimes I'd arrange to avoid all that by going back before being picked up from where ever it was that I was starting to think of us as home by a group of government drugged, raped and mind control enforcement agents.  That would leave me back in the UK with a whole heap of knowledge th…

Morning Earth.

Didn't have much to say yesterday. Wee man all snotty and grumpy, didn't want to go out. It was gorgeous outside. There was plenty stuff on the news that no one wanted to know any more about or hear people speak bollocks about so we've mostly been nursing Happy Town. Bit glad that Nemo's Reef died I spent some serious hours on it when my head was spinning the most and its gained some twisted associations. Gaming and weed extremely good at getting us through internal mental health crisis. How to get beyond the bit after the crisis I haven't figured out yet but I'm pretty sure it involves patience and aiming to put body needs first. The usual murk is starting to have a few arcs of colour now, exposing more details in the crap of course but its the colour the eye is drawn to.


The tempest is a bit more breezy now.  Thank fuck.  Was able to contexualise a bit better last night and 'I want to go home' isn't distraught anymore, she's too tired.  I have no idea whats its going to be like when I start actually explaining in out loud words whats going when we see therapist later this week.  Hope has started shinning through again although I still feel pretty shaken up.  Still don't care much about the who, what, why, when, how much.  I can't find out from here anyway.  There's often been a strength that I've only noticed when the system is falling apart and all the dissociated, amnesiac ANPs are weeping crumpled heaps on the floor or have jumped ship completely .  I can see how I could of gotten addicted to feeling the access of something closer to the core that happens when systems that have been trundling along start collapsing.  The cores will be aware of this happening long before anyone involved in day to day consciousness wi…

Rain On.

No wine tonight, we thought it best after the last two nights overindulgences. The cannabis will run out shorty to so there's some anxiety about disassociation getting get of control when it does. Mostly pretty numb between lots of body memories. The relief and joy at having access to good memories washing away the coldness of accepting the horrific stuff. For now. No one seems very sure who should be doing what. The front of house staff have left there desks leaving a new and unsure part time temp and a well meaning work experience boy to run the show. They are baring up pretty well so far but reinforcements are going to have to come from somewhere. I hate the feeling that I'm rising out of the body, away from the I. There's too many cult parts that aren't articulate that interpret that feeling as very, very bad news. Beth wants to say hello. She's not sure about pictures but is beginning to see the point of them. She's a bit posh and well prese…

One Of Those Nights.

The approach at the moment is based on eating, drinking and smoking. Not one we think should be continued into the long term but its tried and tested. There are parts that eat for those who can't and parts that have just woken up from long sleeps and are hungry. The body? Well l'm bloated. The hurt parts that internalised physco sis are petrified. Just believe none of it happened is the only thing to do. The warrior ones, from ancient civilisations, the only ones objective enough to deal with the modern ones. Some of whom have to be restrained permanently because they are completely broken and have serious amounts of training in the violent arts. There's the animals who look after my heart, soul and anything else precious. They keep the field clean and keep the little's who hold the worst trauma cozy and asleep.

Over Here.

First post from my bed on the budget tablet so we will see how it goes. Tunes are essential sometimes aren't they? I can't always here music properly. Then something allow happen and start being able appreciate all the different parts. Gotta be repeated though - wtf. So apparently its wine night again. I'd rather it wasn't though. There was a fair amount of over indulgence in booze and food last night. May holiday has put money in early so that's a relief. There's weed here to so we were not depressed as well. Could do with another parent. Or 20. There was so much acting, role play, scripts and sets going on that I can't see going back to that would be a good idea, especially at this point in the healing journey. Animation though. I feel out enough, l know enough to know how good we've got it. I remember enough to know I live a life have dreamed about and thought could never happen. The tit for tat. It's outside anyone's control.…