Definitions of Ritual Abuse

I have put this up more or less as I found it. It's seems to be more or less coherent! I was so keen to be part of society, part of academia despite all the massive amounts of corruption I had seen. It was written when I was in a Women's Aid refuge and was writing to educate and inform people of the networks behind systematic rape, torture and slavery. I was also in touch with the Ritual Abuse Network Scotland and felt like I could talk forever. Then I moved to Glasgow thinking I had a real chance of being okay but what happened to me in there pretty much destroyed me for a while and I do not write to try and change anything except myself any more.

Definition of Ritual Abuse.

Ritual abuse is a form of organised crime which uses physical, sexual and emotional abuse to control the production and distribution of goods and services from both legal and illegal industries and individuals. Activities are justified, mystified and hidden by Satanic belief systems which sees evil as power and goodness as weakness.

As most people see goodness as helping and making people happy Satanism is seen as right because it gratifies the desires of abusers, thus making them happy. This is practice of separating parts of conventional cultures and mixing them with a belief or ambition that all people are naturally evil is core to Satanism and therefore ritual abuse. Promises of sexual experimentation, religious freedom and an opportunity to access political, spiritual, social power are used to recruit, control and construct personalities and groups of individuals whose labour, bodies and their products are owned and controlled by abuse profiteers. Abusers attempt to use physical and sexual torture plus information gathered from those close to targets and surveillance methods to achieve an understanding of an individuals personality which will enable them to destroy the person’s existing faith, their abilities to feel hope, love, passion, courage.

My experience of ritual abuse used many different religions both major relgions and small cults and perverted the meanings behind any symbol or text to stand for oppression and injustice. From my perspective a Satanist is someone who is involved in ritual abuse and knows and believes in some of the justifications regardless of what religion the claim to follow or practice. This does not mean that Satanists have specific beliefs just that they are involved an except their role.

By targeting individuals belief systems through knowledge of their hopes, fears and psychological weaknesses makes individuals easier to control by constructing versions of reality in which they believe and often have no control and compliance is unavoidable. Although individual ritual abuse communities and networks exist by forming circular chains of power and command Satanic activities occur within a organised culture of entrenched sexual, ethnic and social difference and is maintained by individuals who use abuse as both means of achieving political and economic power but also as a way to organise the world as they choose. This means they can and do have access to all profitable enterprises and funds, science and technology can be developed and kept exclusively in the hands of abusers. Satanism uses existing secret societies often convincing members that the ‘true’ purpose of the relationships and activities already existing in their society is part of a bigger plan.

A lot of the literature describes Satanism as view of religion and human life which is about exploring the true nature of an individual rather than following society and that the main aim of Satanism is about discovering for ones self what is right and wrong for them and not believing what they are told about how they should feel and behave. This is a recruiting tactic and its fiction. The practice of organised Satanism is about the construction of an extremely Totalitarian state where people are controlled and designed by methods such as educational programmes for children aimed at leaving them psychologically damaged, health programs which hope to permanently limit the opportunities of clients and patients, where the feared or troublesome parts of society are completely restricted, eugenics and controlling who marries and to who is core to a centralised state which is either control or is entirely composed of Satanists. At best it is used as a means for people who have experienced abuse, bullying and powerlessness to protect themselves in the future.

Satanism belief system and a way of life which is built around enforcing a system of severe biological determinism and where information is for the privileged few. Any one that is involved in ritual abuse or secret societies will be answering to someone who will be deciding if and when to initiate them into rituals and acts which will educate them in Satanism and will be determined by their adherence to racial stereotypes. All rituals and activities will be the consequence of this belief system and will enforce it both subtly, covertly and directly. As these rituals are designed to inhibit and undermine someone’s ability to interpret the world for themselves people can be involved in activities their whole lives without spotting or caring about political motives or plans.

Although I have witnessed and experienced ritual abuse which was centred around many religions including, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Paganism these activities were controlled by Satanists, sometimes this was known by those in charge of the activities, sometimes it wasn’t. Any belief or religious activity can be seen Satanic. Regardless of the country, the religion or the philosophy someone will be making money because of it and these people or their bosses will be white men. This is done by forming new groups and activities which are used to bring about a desired aim and then stop and by using existing networks which already part of the establishment culture. In my experience there is no or little real difference between Freemasonry, ritual abuse and Satanism. They are all different levels of the same organisation, tools of white male supremacy and a means to retain both international and domestic relationships. All lot (even all) ritual abuse is organised to keep current economic, cultural and social relationships as they are, to form inequalities and make these inequalities seen natural or accidental, to control and limit social change and put systems in place which mean that people can only achieve money, fame and power by using the existing political, social injustice and institutionalised abuse.

High ranking Satanists do not actually believe that women and non-whites are biological determined to be inferior they have access to too much information for that, they need social prejudice and practices to continue so that their lifestyles can continue, so that their reputations are not damaged and so that they themselves are hurt less. When seen in its entirety Satanism is circular in its power structures, of course, Satan doesn’t actually exist. Everyone is being abused by someone else and another group. People who can rise to the position with ritual abuse organisations and networks required to get the career, money, contacts the desire and then become much less involved. It is easier for such people who reach positions of power or are born into Satanism to continue in terms of maintaining social inequalities than to challenge a well connected, utterly ruthless, very wealthy and powerful organised crime network that most people don’t even believe exists. It is unlikely that high ranking bosses who organise and protect Satanism on national and international levels not to have been abused themselves as children, most if not all high ranking, powerful abusers either grew up in Satanic families or were selected for the higher ranks as small children. It will be extremely difficult if not impossible for such people to think outside of their Satanic programming or in a way that wasn’t tortured and brainwashed into them.

Satanism like the capitalist, Christian belief systems it is closely related to is built on a system of binary oppositions. This limits peoples abilities to perceive and understand, especially when it comes to interpreting the underlying causes of things rather than outward appearances. Rigid dualism sets men against women, culture against culture which prevents people from effectively challenging their own belief system by keeping people in constant conflict. People are taught that their needs are contradictory, for you to have someone else must go without, in relationships you are either the one with power or the one who doesn’t. By seeing things in such a manner people are not only preventing from co-operating with each other but also from seeing the world as it really is. Within the structures of Satanism itself the dualism found in wider society is constantly reinforced. If someone believes their body is purely a vessel which holds their soul they will fight to protect it less, it isn’t the real them that is being horribly maltreated and is mistreating others, its just their body. The disassociation experienced during abuse appears to prove this, how can it be me if I can not feel it, or am watching it from the other side of the room, or have forgotten it completely.

A universal trait in Satanism is meaninglessness. In normal cultures symbols become known and shared because they represent different things to different people, they confirm the world view of whoever holds that symbol as important to them. Believing that some things are more important than others, having faith, gives people strength. The whole point of ritual abuse is to make people powerless and controllable because it would be impossible to destroy the actual symbols and the systems they represent i.e. to wipe out religion, culture, someone’s experience of love, they must destroy the strength and happiness these things provide. You have nothing to loose or protect if you love nothing and hold nothing sacred, if the relationships you have with other people and yourself and your ability to form new ones have been destroyed.

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