June 29, 2018

hello pink clematis..

Thankful for the cloud cover and the coolness. Its supposed to brighten up later and that to will also be cool. Legs and the rest of us well aware that we did loads of watering and feeding yesterday. Hands are okay though, we only used big watering can on the big things and never tried to carry it around full, used it to fill the little one the rest of the time.

Dreams so horrible and Lynny they had us reaching for the codiene first thing. Chilling in doors without worrying things may be drying out and piggy definitely will be if I don't move her is fine for now. Little things have arrived. The glitter nail polish has arrived to but we want some solid colour on some of them. Found a couple of other colours in the house so can do some of them.

Gonna be really hard deciding where to put things. Checked out the folk who where selling them and wished we hadn't, tempted by the sign posts and the pub but very much put off by the "free Tommy Robinson" shit and Fascist Christian crusades bumper stickers. Kind of impossible to buy things without buying things from Fascists but doubt there are many who have done more off setting than me.

School official break time the same as our own, pretty rare. So glad. The honeysuckle flowers are still there. We checked and there is still more on the way to. We need to be chill about it. Don't let it dry out give it lots but not too much food when the sun isnt on it. Fabulous. Wonderful. Cool as fuck. The buddleia that was found to be horizontal when there was all that wind a few weeks ago is looking to be the first to flower again this year. Could probably take the bricks away but haven't yet.

Been pulling out the stuff we thought wasn't a weed but is and it is leaving spaces but we got no compost and stuff we got already might fill it anyway. It's nearly July. The schools are off and we are not miserable and feeling horrible and all ill and exhausted in all the ways. It really good not feeling all that horribleness and a relief that its not buried or thrown to a far shelf. Continuity. We fought very hard and we understand how people would choose to not only want it but choose to avoid it at severe costs but we already understood how you need it for your long term sanity and often for survival in the short tern because amnesia is exploited and exploited hard. In the medium term it's needed to deal with anxieties. All the time we have needed it or we would of had nothing at all.

It did brightened up for a bit. Found this out. A reward for all last nights feeding.

Honeysuckle still looking and smelling wondrous.

Come on someone. Someone real and not made by and for the Fascists machines we took apart. The photos can't really capture it all and you can't sniff them. Plus we need help cause of our hands. And because we are a human being for fucks sake.

June 28, 2018


Some a.m shots today. Couldn't sleep and had agreed to sign some stuff up at school. Went for a short walk after, we haven't in ages and it was hot, etc came home to our little paradise. Fridge full and cold! Xx

After our nap we wondered outside to find the honeysuckle definitely flowering. Gave us the motivation we needed to water and feed and then water because we hadn't enough before and give some more feed. Think we got everthing. Loving it.

Might not like much but its quite something to finally see it..came so close before. Here's to you sight and smell of flowering honeysuckle! :-D 

June 27, 2018

summery summer.. weird...

I'm being a sensible girl and staying out of the mid day sun. As it midsummer and sunny, we are susceptible to migraines and we will end up pottering and both our hands are bitching quite badly.. Got lovely pink compression gloves on the way and some pretty solid intentions to get advice. Its unlikely to disappear and get better all by itself. Highly unlikely. Impossible even.

That night after our last post ended up being not so bad. We spent hours looking at fairies and pixes and elves on Amazon. Ordered a set of windows and glittery nail polish to decorate them. And another teeny door. And some pants. And some better glue to stick stuff to the outside walls. All those stupid little stones and a lack of patience make for a tricky job. The little plastic led latern is still up though.

Reasonably prepared for the first week of the hols got asda two weeks in a row so good for food. We've made it okay that we won't be going out or away much as best we can.

Its a pretty excellent space out there to be able to sit half in the sun and just lean over into the shade when it gets too hot.

Here's some of the best ones from past couple of days. So good be back in love with colour and growth..

Got an "awesome" today when we asked how it was looking.. Not how he usually responds..

The fancy feeder has been sprayed. 

This guy lives here now.

Loads of bees & at least three different kinds..


Nebs have put lovely pretty lights up but the shed..

Can't really tell that the plant in the pink pot and the first rattan one arrived looking the same.. There's more.. All in very different states..

June 25, 2018

stupid basterding cunting shitty darg

Stupid tablet is being a dick so we are are attempting to write this on the stupid ickle phone. Hate u Apple et al no one Earth might give a fuck about how and where Earth tech comes from but we got fairly comprehensive study of slavery and fascism on Earth out and that includes yourselves of course, our mothers where very proud and relieved we could carry on their work. Stupidly burned my back yesterday by sunbathing on our front without anyone to put sunscreen there. There is a patch of non red skin that is almost hand shaped as it was as far as we could reach. Dumbass.

Stupid hand is getting pretty bad so feeding the flowers we missed last night. Holding a mug of tea is uncomfortable so wandering about with and lifting a big ass watering can is not a good idea. On the non dumbass front think we have treated a headache and stopped it from becoming anything worse. We check the weather a lot so there is plenty sunshine coming we dont need to grab every second of it we can. It wasn't easy making the tea when we were literally peeing every five minutes though. 

Social worker was at the door today she had sent a letter but we hadn’t opened it because we guessed it was one of those automatic attendence letters the school sends out. It was over that recent famine patch when our dumbass child told the school he hadnt had much to eat. The kitchen was a mess of course but from meals i hadnt washed the dishes from and food we hadnt put away. She didnt say anything about coming back. 

Don’t know when we will get a spliff again so things wont be so stupid and misrable anymore. The guy might make more of an effort tomorrow when we do actually have the cash. Dont know he is gonna take it when we start discussing the price, probs not very well. The stuff is ok jst really fucking mild which isnt really ok for us if a haf o is lasting as long as qs have in the past.

The gate is gonna have to wait as next week is skint week again and we need to not run out of everything especially as we need to buy lunches for the lad. Havent folded on our media ban. The longer we go without selfharming via the msm the less inclined we are to do so. Wish it was easier to find something to watch or read that didnt piss us off. So bored. 

Played a new game with junior last night. Dice, adventurers and stuff. Hes been watching vids of folk playing dungeons and dragons type stuff but there is only two of us so that wont work. He would be insufferable as a dungeon master anyway.. maybe being too hard on him there but his bossiness drives us nuts..

Its gonna be too hot to sleep tonight isn't it? Especially as we went back to sleep in the morning cause we hadn't had enough lonely scared sweaty dreams of being lost. Just the same as being awake then? 

Honeysukle looks like it might has not been too pissed off being blown over. Would be wonderful to see it in bloom. Tablet is saying its fully charged now but will probs turn itself off without warning in a highly irksome manner. Really impossible to post photots to posts on the tiny screen though.

Cmon honeysuckle we can do this..

June 22, 2018

roach time

We really really really don't want to be running out of cannabis. We have. The guys car is off the road and its crazy expensive anyway. Sixty quid for a half oz and its lasting us three days its so mild.

Fell back to sleep after lad went off to school and got nitemared pretty bad we still had a little left then though. Hate being post nightmare without cannabis. Mostly hate being without cannabis but the pain and the nightmares are the worst. And the irritability, the tearfulness, the discomfort that comes with living in an area that carries out child abuse and genocide orders without any fear of justice or consequences.

The plans where always known and not just to whatever organised the hate and slavery. We aren't scared just very very sad.

June 20, 2018

sunshine expected over next day or so

Back on the tea after we kicked over our large and last glass of pink that I'd actually even more drinkable than Mateus but is 3.5% stronger.. Not gonna buy more tonight. Got Asda coming tomorrow. With a box. We do remember thinking a box would be cheaper over Xmas but it didn't quite work out. Going to get another bottle is a quite a thing and we rarely do it but pressing the button and putting a wee but more in the glass. That's not really anything.. Told you we needed a drinks table at the bench..

The rest of last weeks and this weeks Amazon orders came today. We have logs and kindling again. The knee brace fits perfect but the hand one is too big. Our hands are quite little.

Fairies were struggyling with the PVA but the no more nails stuff doesn't dry clear. Will be complaining to the Garden Fairy Folk Union about the shoddy workpersonship.

Looks not bad in the pictures will maybe let them off this time. There is kits of lots of little MDF windows "to decorate yourself" and a pub.. thinking we might order them and get nail polish from the pound shop to tart them up, then stick them everywhere and turn our enclave into an metropolis.. 

Been moving new fairy around.

Can see her better from the kitchen window up there. Leaves that stump bare though.. Done sheltering you all from the neighbours mess. Bugging isn't it..

June 19, 2018

Iron Wings

 Third heavy metal fairy arrived today. Shes kinda perfect.

Bit mad with rearranging arnt we, espically as some of those planters are quite heavy. It is pretty satisfying when we eventually get that "yep that goes there" feeling. Not so satisfy is that as well a couple of quids worth of teeny tiny editions to Fairy Enclave we have an Amazon basket a selection of medical support braces for us to choose from when the money goes in. Everthing that makes up our right hand and right knee have been particularly bitchy.

See that's where the yellow things go.

Could spend the cash a hundred times over just on house and garden and hey maybe even move some of the clothes in the save for later pile would get put back in the basket and not removed again. There is a couple vest coming! Not the cut off jeans with the embroidered roses though when and where would we wear them? And we been not too bad at getting the lad medium man sized summer clothes. He is as beautiful young man now as cute as he was as a baby and toddler. Seriously.

The gate is in the basket to but we likely be putting that off because of orders we put in last week but weren't ready until the money was all gone. Getting serious intentions for what to do with one of the shady corners. More fabulous ferns obvs and maybe give a hosta go. They need somewhere to go first though. Gonna need a spade and a foot brace for that. We can remember the pain our foot was in after putting the borders in. We were squealing at some of bits and pieces that came up when we searched "shabby chic garden furniture" ...

The planters. The fairy homes with solar lights. The solar lights on strings. The cast iron things. The decorative drinks tables that we need one ofof
for next to the bench. All the ickle fairy town furniture; post boxes, wishing wells, garden tools.. The paint. The hanging ornaments. So much loveliness.

Wonderus weed has to be paid for and if there is any chance of any more of it we will have to get what we can because its so good and we need it. Really need it and want it. If we are still too enslaved for any people to be here with us then we need more cash.

Flying blue afro pig. Can't have too many pictures of flying blue afro pig.

Mixed weather wise but enough sunny spells to ease the deep June fear that summer is as good as gone already and there will be no more free warmth and relaxation for another year at least. Took out a blanket and sat on the bench for a little while. Cloudless now with a perfect view of a crescent moon. Our own little perfect patch of sky. Framed by trees and the work we have done. :-)

Money will probs be in now. Weed is out though and there wasn't a response about the availability of more. We are strong though. Would be so good and such a rest to be safe and happy as well as strong though. Strong all the time just hurts.

..just a little bit more sunshine..

June 17, 2018

"What's that your smoking?"


It was a clear cool night. We were being overwhelmed by the moon on the water and the rocks, the rhythm of the tide, the fauna and all the smells and all the peace. It was a wonderful place to be and wonderful weed to smoking there. He smiled and reminded me of being younger with the Cheshire Cats. Then he said something beautiful that made us cry a little that we can't, won't ever translate into English.

It's been a long time since we smoked something that made us go ohmygod that is so tasty with every puff. Very much needed. Just went to make a cup of tea and ended up tidying up the big border a bit. Don't know what all the big green leaved things are gonna look when they start flowering proper. We pulled out loads of it, its overcrowding everything else. Thinned the cornflowers in a few places to because they are packed and gave some space to the plants we bought and put in this year and anything else we think isn't a weed.

A few things have started flowering, the patches of blue and white lobelia are doing alright. And the other stuff with spikey leaves is really pretty, pale pink and white. Lots of buds on the pinks. The sunflower is still proudly with us. The one behind it to is as well I think but we are not expecting much from it after dropping a blob of paink perfectly in the centre of its growing tips when it was just a seedling. Oops.

The once stubby buddleia that became all bushy this year espically after we took all the crap away from its roots and then fell over in the wind is also thankfully looking alive. Not touching the bricks at its base though, the doc leaf in there can just stay where it is for now. Water. Foliage feed. Praying.

The shop is still selling plants.. And most likely of them are showing their colours. A lovely redy thing has been added to the giant corner basket. Will most likely go out later pick up more dead leaves and the little bastards hiding in them. Not sure if we mentioned that we saw all the rose buds covered, totally coated in little green twats. We got spray to deal with it and Owly and it was not unsatisfying to see it them all fall off or die where they were. Owly is much better. It is a cool dark viola that is in it and it keeps coming back. Would be cool to return it to former glory. The lobelia in the pig is fucking amazing think cause its so little its gets loads of food and foliage feeding. Feed other stuff more. I know.

Made fried egg rolls for me and the giant child. The plants can wait a bit longer. I've gotta collect in ma stupid supremist pirate game. Friggin Kina and her stupid friggin laser hull destroying cannon thing.