October 14, 2013

you will always be 12


The Moyles, Dave and Chapters victim parts have been back pretty much full time again. 2001 was the worst, sometimes them and the dream team together. Lots of just the 3 of them. 'Penis or prolapse' always a favorite game in abuse networks. They took turns analy raping me for as long as it took. In the living room, the hall, the bathroom. When they got what they wanted they brought out another DID part put my hand behind my back and asked me to guess what I was holding. They would force me to do something on camera before I would be given painkillers or taken to hospital. Chappers espically seemed to get off on making me watch the footage on you tube or whatever porn site. I didn't get it how could making me watch it online be any worse?  There was always lots of games in that sort of abuse. They did it again months later but it was just Moyles flaccid penis that time I was very relieved then the other two started on me again. In hospital there was little parts coming out telling hospital staff or whoever what was going on with their little kid voices. I'm not a prostitute. They were back after I got out of hospital but left my bum alone for a little while. The noise he made when the amneotic  sack burst. Gangraped with friends or daily show in the back ground so i'd be triggered when i watched them and wouldn't laugh anymore. Running away and them catching us to rape on the street in day light, evil fuckers watching and gloating. Some didn't look like they liked it but they knew they would be next if the did anything to stop. Black bags taped to the carpet. Police coming in. Then leaving again, one stayed to have a go. Another time, gag her lads. Neighbors complaining about the screaming. Some people died. They got Petey to and in glasgow. They were going to kill me but I knew I could get intervention for that so I'm still here. I wanted to die but not by them. Afterwards I told fife police in 2004 and Glasgow 2005 they turned up as I knew they would with La Vall and Privaro. Disgusted the locals. Police again in 2011 it was the same officer who took what I fantasied would be the first of many yewtree statements she brought it up but the parts weren't around. When she asked about Chris Moyles and being trafficked by him all I could say was 'sounds about right.' There was times I could of killed him, or Dave or chappers but fear stopped us. Fear of what?! Coulson, do you know?