January 15, 2013

Letter to Savile Investigations.

There is a few typos left and its bit clumsy at times, especially towards the end, I have resisted the urge to fix them. Behold below! My letter to the investigations...

 As a survivor of networks in which Savile played a very significant role I have found and still find it difficult to remember, articulate and find the right person to talk to about this.  There is a lack of witnesses and victims coming forward and a lack of training in the police when it comes to taking claims of extreme organised abuse seriously. I am sending this letter to institutions who have ongoing investigations into Jimmy Savile to request that those involved keep an open mind in regards to the possibility of abusive networks that may have included the day to day staff in institutions from various roles and professions.  

I am aware that the recent Yew Tree report stated that 'offences were normally, opportunistic' (7.11,p.12) but I hope the severity of the crimes is enough to waken people up to the culture of disregarding unlikely sounding testimony because it has allowed Savile to thrive.  It is quite possible we are still in the early phases of understanding who he really was and what he really was involved in. Victims such as me tend to have mental health issues like substance misuse, multiple personalities, personality disorders, depression and complex PTSD as well physical issues.  We also have been failed by every institution we came into contact with as children and young adults.  We need a lot more than a few months of people saying the right things and see real differences in the way we are treated before we will have confidence in any public investigations. 

I was not surprised to read that 'there is no clear evidence of Savile operating within a pedophile ring' (7.12) but felt the mention of the the possibility of an 'informal' ring something the Police should be reassuring the public about talking about it.  As this is an open letter to several investigations I do not think this is the best place to start getting into specific allegations I have made or could make and what institution they relate to.  However, I think it is important that you are aware that I confident enough to state that Savile's network used institutions which housed the really vulnerable to find victims to be systematically abuse and exploited by criminal, abusive networks and the people they wanted to entertain.  Furthermore I witnessed the murders of some of these children and adults.  Although I understand well how rings of the sort I am describing can have so much control over victims that they believed they have witnessed or taken part in a murder when they haven't, I know my self well enough to say I knew some those that Savile was involved in killing.  I will be working with my therapist on how best to approach making a detailed as possible formal statement about these incidents.

Yours Faithfully,


  1. You brave and courageous person.
    Sending you a hugh hug

  2. Positive thoughts for you, you who endured what no one should endure.xx

  3. I know like most people that this whole Mr Vile saga goes a lot deeper and a lot higher than we are all being led to believe.
    My advice to you is try and find a reputable hypnotist to take you back in time (regression) sometimes this can be a very helpful in separating fact from fiction. God Bless you my friend, I for one admire your courage. xxxx

  4. I wish I could do something. I will think of you and be positive for you xxx

  5. Like many I assume,I have an overwhelming wish for your peace of mind and comfort. You are so brave you must eat moral fibre for breakfast. X

  6. lol, fraid not, chocolate and cigarettes!

  7. Read this with a large helping of salt.

  8. Thank you for your courage, it's humbling. x

  9. Been blitzing twitter with your letter. Hope you don't mind. Hoping it will find its way to the right person(s).

    Was thinking about sending you some chocolates (re your comment above) (Belgian) but realized you'd probably be scared to eat them, or to give me your address. But you have virtual Belgian chocolates from me, really nice ones :) Neuhaus.

    I'd also love to send you some money for your gas meter/dope/chocolate because frankly, you have shouldn't have to worry about that, but don't want to impose. Feel free to ignore the last bit or DM me details if it's a yes.

  10. The govt thinks this is a small bump under the edge of a rug...where they swept it...but its not;its an ulcer - an ulcer that's gonna blow...but first it's had to eat its way thru us, and our society. It's been there to see...dammit, all could see if they looked; and yet only Mr Fixit and his buddies were singled out? Nothing about the cops who covered him, about the individuals in institutions who helped him, about the Jersey homes he visited with his wealthier and more influential friends, nothing about the wider network with a rotton mi5 blackmail sting operations using kids as disposable bait at its core. Nothing.
    Well, you're not alone now...none of is are. We have each other and our faith in our truth; we have true fellowship. More and more of us find each other everyday...more and more of us share our truth, and the poison is draining from us, and changing to anger and fortitude....and courage. This ain't a religious movement...its a single drive to get this dragged into the light; and no govt is going to stop us. Not now.

  11. Well done. It's great that you have found your platform, I have worked with survivors of ritual abuse and I understand how scary talking about it can be, it's not helped by the difficulties in communication that can be created by the traumatic after effects.

    I admire your determination very much, more power to your elbow and the running rabbit!

  12. I believe you are one of the people who can give information on some of the atrocities being carried out. You are part of a rising tide of truth which will help to awaken others. I salute you for your courage and send earnest prayers that you have peace of mind & find true justice. Bless you.

  13. Wonderful letter. You are very brave. If I can do something to support you please let me know. I may be contacted through at Kate[at]clyde19-24.org.uk

    I was assaulted by Doctor Deenesh Khoosal on 25/11/82 in the Warneford mental Hospital Oxford. This brutal sexual deviant is now a media spokesman for the Royal college of shrinkage and working with children in Leicester.

    Amazingly, after I had gone to the police in March 2007, the internal notes were found in the hospital which confirm in his own writing that I was entirely sane before he got his filthy hands on me.

    There is a medical commentary on my blog on Khoosal's notes written by a doctor..

    Claire McAlpine wrote a diary after being raped on Top of The Pops and committing suicide. I also wrote a diary in my study which was found in the notes and records extreme PTSD starting on the day of the assault.

    Thames Valley, Radley, the Warneford, the GMC and my MP Alan Whitehead are all trying to stop the truth coming to light.

    I wrote my diary in my study whilst listening to the Dire Straits album "Love over Gold" which summarises my motivation for going to the Authorities. It has the song "Private Investigstions" on it and I refer to it in the diary.

    Please publise & distribute


  14. On 11/11/2009 I received an email from the Lincolnshire regiment to say that there were new additions to the website.

    You will see my picture and a link to the website for my grandpa Dr JTS Hoey Croix de Guerre below Major C F Hoey VC MC.

    Charlie is now being given credit for turning the war against the Japanese with his singlehanded Bren gun attack on 16th February 1944:


    I went to Lincoln to honour Charlie and pray for a fraction of his strength and courage in my mental war to expose the disgusting child rapists operating in this country as psychiatrists.

    These include Professor Richard Green, Deenesh Khoosal and I know there are others in the ring. Green is the founder of the Archives of Sexual Behaviour which described as peer reviewed in the Guardian on January 3rd.

    Green is closely associated with Tom O'Carroll Britains most notorious unrepentant child rapist whose comments on the Guardian site should be enough to get him sectioned.

    I have just caught the BBC out trying to do another Jimmy Saville and cover up child sex abuse.

    Claire Sillery, executive producer, is making an update to the BBC documentary Public School (1980). I wrote her an email after a friend told me about it.

    All she wanted Andy Murray in the child abuse investigation department to find out was whether the police investigation was ongoing so she could make her programme. Andy is ex police and once nicked O'Carroll.

    I have a clip of the Radley college and later Eton Chaplain Rev "Dodgy Dave" David Coulton on my utube channel

    The last thing he says on the Saints in the Making is "Just see what happens" (!)

    Please publicise:


  15. I understand how you feel i have wittnesed child murders and have been tortured myself.You are truly a courages person.Sending you love and hugs and a better future.

    1. Cheers, better future for everyone, xx