January 15, 2013

Letter to Savile Investigations.

There is a few typos left and its bit clumsy at times, especially towards the end, I have resisted the urge to fix them. Behold below! My letter to the investigations...

 As a survivor of networks in which Savile played a very significant role I have found and still find it difficult to remember, articulate and find the right person to talk to about this.  There is a lack of witnesses and victims coming forward and a lack of training in the police when it comes to taking claims of extreme organised abuse seriously. I am sending this letter to institutions who have ongoing investigations into Jimmy Savile to request that those involved keep an open mind in regards to the possibility of abusive networks that may have included the day to day staff in institutions from various roles and professions.  

I am aware that the recent Yew Tree report stated that 'offences were normally, opportunistic' (7.11,p.12) but I hope the severity of the crimes is enough to waken people up to the culture of disregarding unlikely sounding testimony because it has allowed Savile to thrive.  It is quite possible we are still in the early phases of understanding who he really was and what he really was involved in. Victims such as me tend to have mental health issues like substance misuse, multiple personalities, personality disorders, depression and complex PTSD as well physical issues.  We also have been failed by every institution we came into contact with as children and young adults.  We need a lot more than a few months of people saying the right things and see real differences in the way we are treated before we will have confidence in any public investigations. 

I was not surprised to read that 'there is no clear evidence of Savile operating within a pedophile ring' (7.12) but felt the mention of the the possibility of an 'informal' ring something the Police should be reassuring the public about talking about it.  As this is an open letter to several investigations I do not think this is the best place to start getting into specific allegations I have made or could make and what institution they relate to.  However, I think it is important that you are aware that I confident enough to state that Savile's network used institutions which housed the really vulnerable to find victims to be systematically abuse and exploited by criminal, abusive networks and the people they wanted to entertain.  Furthermore I witnessed the murders of some of these children and adults.  Although I understand well how rings of the sort I am describing can have so much control over victims that they believed they have witnessed or taken part in a murder when they haven't, I know my self well enough to say I knew some those that Savile was involved in killing.  I will be working with my therapist on how best to approach making a detailed as possible formal statement about these incidents.

Yours Faithfully,