February 25, 2011

Birthday Rant.

It was supposed to be well argued piece on Christopher Okigbo that showed how his work manipulated archtypes in cleansing rituals that were preperations for war. I tried to articulate my own Okigbo and Igbo inspried vision of modernist literature as a vehicle for a progress. The liberal ideal is not a myth; a bourgoise excuse for the freedoms given to those to instil and protect social and economic relationships based on theft. The faith, the will for universal betterment is a projection of the body's journey from truama, injury and dislocation through healing to compensation or recovery.

But Tahir square was full of chanting while the military hang back and smoked fags.

The state as the projection of the people should be allowed to show its capabilites for survival. We walk without legs, except others' parts as our own and rewire our own brains. We can live without dictators.


  1. Reading your blog from the beginning to present day. It is truly amazing and I am in such admiration of you as a fellow woman, mother, survivor and self medicating pot head. Thank you for sharing your perspectives, I can so relate to you thoughts on classism and sexism, and the violence being the extention of those types of opression. Not every day you find a feminist, a socialist and someone that thinks a lot like me about how the world spinns. Thanks for making life a little less lonely for me.

  2. stinaramone@hotmail.com if you ever feel like getting in touch. Take care