October 22, 2012

We can do this.

Not all at once of course.  I need to figure out as much as I can as part of the mourning process, to figure out who I am, to figure out where I want to go.  Talking about Savile, Jersey, ritual abuse and all the rest is me looking after myself and those I love.  It will not take over my life though I will take my time put my health first.  I cant keep hiding from the names and faces that lurk behind my eyes, forcing them into the pitch black, no words zone.  I will say whatever I say and write whatever I write.  Stop thinking so much and be more. 

Getting back in touch with the truth isn't something I only do when there is some shit in the media it is a constant long term process.  I will hope that others come forward and accept it when I feel like I need them but remember the reason I remember, the reason I talk is for me.  I have nothing to prove to anyone but I would like to be part of something which exposes the violence and curroption that can flourish at the very highest level in Western democracies.

People, remember what you promised yourself as a child, in agony, heartbroken and with no safe place to go.  Remember what they made you promise.  Remember who and what was taken.  It's time to wake up now.  It's okay now and if it isnt we have the resources to make it okay.  No one could possibly say everything they saw but you can have a couple of conversations, give the met a name, a location or two.

Much love.