December 02, 2012

Fuck Knows..

The McCans?

I never felt traumatised when Lord Leveson started to appear on the telly. I didnt want to look too close and still don't want to. Usually don't have too dig deep to know that there is something very wrong going on.  I always put off remembering for as long as possible.  It will always be there though, near the top of the 'Shit that is really difficult and will have to be dealt with but not today or tomorrow pile.'

The constant themes that were the only grounding I had. The aspects and senses of it that were never forgotten.  Savile. Cyril Smith Mr T and the music industry in general; the BBC, big business, celebrities and conspiracy theories. Some bloke from coronation street and what the fuck does Maggie know about all this?  The basic gut level barriers that keep us all animals.

'I was a victim of incest.'
'I think pedophiles should be strung up by their balls.'
'Yea me to.  But that's my mum and my dad you talking about there.  And the bloke who took me to the beach and gave me ice cream   The guy that took me to safe comfortable plush hotels rooms with high security and left me alone.  For a whole night. With everything I need.. By myself, alone, safe for a whole night?