Not For Earth

There isn't all that much we can say. We are slowly getting our mind back and are remembering who we are and where we have been, what we've done an who we did it with. Playing "Solid Rock" seems there was a lot of Dire Straits going on in places. We remember how we would celebrate if we got to the end of whatever ridiculous geological operation we were leading and no one died. So much spent uncomfortable in a crack in or between rocks. We brought people lighting tech, sustainable quality energy and hydroponics. Of course we are popular out there and when we weren' doing that were destroying all the Satanic bullshit minuscule or giant and putting stuff and people in places they needed to be.

Even though we almost always knew that the sources of anything that was good and real in our life was not local parts of us in the earlier times especially were so hopeful to find something that didn't confirm what we already knew about Earth's history and in the possibility of doing something out there that would change things down here. But more often as we got older we were happy to take that mission of looking for something that would change what seemed the mostly likely explanation from Earth with us there was a lot of overlap with our own mission anyway. It was awkward when we finally had to fess up when questioned about something that wasn't where they thought it would be and started explaining that after the inch by inch charting we had been testing out all kinds of highly destructive weaponry until there was nothing but dusk and a handful of rocks left.

There was a lot of disapproval and for a while there wasn't anyone on Earth being told anything and it wasn't as much fun anymore I was alone a lot. I no longer had support from Earth it was attempting to stop us and hunt us down. We don't know how many people were convinced of the truth that we were not being sent out there by people who wanted "the truth" there were plans for those sights we had seen them lived through a taster of what they did to people like me on them and knew how quick I was going to have to be to destroy them all before I got taken to one in state and would never leave. There has been some contact in recent years, some of it pretty emotional but there hasn't been much time to catch them up. I hope they got to keep their Atlases.

We did keep trying. All those agonies of realising this wasn't possible when we thought we were prepared for it. No matter what we showed them, what we told them, no matter what we destroyed or created the lies and the efforts to undermine our sense of self never ended, never took a break and it reaches us from so far. They would deny the basic facts of me standing in front of them, holding whatever we held in front of them saying the words we were saying. No information, no reality can sway them from the fictions they weave, they were made like that, that was what they are for because if they start responding to stimuli we had best get them out before something worse did and replaced them with something worse. We eggs and sperm to mostly marked as either male or female and nothing more and humans out to. Lucky bastards.

We can feel relief to now as well as the usual Earth terror. X knows about Y. A and B know about C. Dundee finally understands E. F wont me tricked by G anymore and we don't need to scared of H through to Z anymore. There is lots of life out there and most of it originally either escaped or was trafficked out of here. Beyond that we are too Earth bound to remember but it was the same everywhere, if I can help get them to a place where they could help us than they will. So we did and they have and we learned there was a "world" of people who were like us and appreciated us and were capable of so much growth and change. So much growth and so much change.

And your all coming back to get me out or make life liveable ASAP. I drew up names in their thousands. Sometimes agonising about who went and who stayed and other times just breathing deeply and zipping through it. Delegating and feeling so confident, so completely assured in everyone. It's going to be bad lonely though. Not on an important mission and have to get through lonely but in a bad place and something is going to get me if I move or if I stay still lonely.  

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