January 24, 2017

virtual training

It's good to hear talk on mainstream tv about the need to understand authoritarian regimes better. Seeing Trump be so abusive towards the press making them point out all the blatant half assed bullshit has been kinda nice to.. It's hard to rise above the chillingness of it all even when you know it's intentional. I'd rather not hate "the press" but its hard not to when held down with the ridiculousness here in the UK. The trident stuff today.. ... sickening .. and maybe a step towards indy.. We have been very successfully hiding in fall out 4, where we have a girl friend, are building settlements, setting up traders and blasting nasties while not looking for our son much because that would probably mean the end of the game. Resident Evil out soon though so thats a relief.

It's January, our weed guy isnt responding forcing to consume headachy pollen but we aren't too bad. Still no word from no one. But an increased sense that we are out there searching for a way to help us. Still wading through, the fake, the real but pretend, the completely not real but still true, etc memories. I.D in our head the past few days. Not particularly helping. Not particularly not helping. Usual.

Tomorrow I have to clean a bit but then I can do some quests. Just turned on a machine that got rid of the mireluks from an island and need to build defences for a Railroad safe house..