August 10, 2010

I like when lots of small dodgy poems first start to become a big cool one..

The themes of this one will be music, my dad, healing, incest, storms, travel ...

A cute bloke has emailed me but I can't afford the subscription..
He seems so much more physically attractive than the usual mooses that have been viewing me.
Niece's bday today, which I'm glad of.

Tonight I sort out the dreaded blue folder, comp letters, passport, housing, numbers of rape crisis, portable file storage..
There was thunder last night but slept well for the first time in ages without walking it off in the evening. I thought it would be easier just to stay here because it wasn't raining when I woke up and I wan't still tired. I've been drenching this bridge in petrol for as long as I can remember, if it wont burn the only other option is just to walk, and keep walking. Stick the wee man in his buggy and let him suck in the changes of scenery and then sing them back at me when he's sleepy or in the middle of the night deep in his dreams his eyes shout but his mind and voice opens up.