September 23, 2012

Sexualy Enlightened by 'Sex in the City.'

While my neighbours are digging into Fifty Shades of Grey (its about deviant sex - my shrink told me) I am recently discovered the joy of back to back sex in the city episodes.  I always loved the frank discussions, the women and their relationships/careers etc pretty watchable but had to turn over during the dirty bits or risk blackouts and vomiting.  I've found so of it mildly and comfortably titillating.  Expect most of what Samantha gets up to of course, watching her in some positions makes me hurt but the thought that a woman might enjoy performing oral sex on a man no longer makes me want to firebomb everything everywhere. 

The openness of their communication with each other, their lack of inhibitions and lack of guilt over inhibitions inspired a long hard think about a particular highly attractive ex.  'I finished' as Carrie and the girls say.  The last episode I watched tonight was the one where the ginger one's mum dies and Samantha loses her orgasms.  Its probably my favourite, its quite cathartic watching the big blond tart from Police Academy weeping on the posh birds shoulder.  Portrayal of strong, emotionally intimate relationships between woman on TV has made me cry before and probably will again.  It would be amazing to have a safety net like that and would save a shit load on shrinks.  I hate all that women competing over men crap, coz the men in question are usually tools and the woman are too disadvantaged to see how varied their opportunities could be without being bloke dependant, if they were able to support instead of undermined each other.

So I start providing Nunushrink (henceforth referred to as Nunu) with a trauma history.  Not something I feel at all able to put any timescale on at the moment.  Got appointment for pelvic scan, what a fun day that will be.  Need to do it though, really struggling to take pill again there has been quite a few days when I thought pain started after taking it.  Need to make sure it really is the only/best option.  Run out last Friday, by Tuesday all I could think was 'this is like being gang raped when heavily pregnant and/or in labour.  Not nice, makes me a bit irritable, tearful and stuff.  Dishes are needin done.

Kids sex education book came through today.  It looks really cool, funny cute wee cartoons and family friendly text.  Looked at back of book and saw they did Lets Talk about bodies and family one as well would of got it first if I'd seen it.  It was more basic anatomy I was looking for him, his existing body book has an androgynous humanoid shape to show where pee leaves the body that bugs me.  He frets when he gets and an erection, comes running through to me saying he can't get his tinkle to go back down.  I tell him not to worry, its perfectly natural and will probably go away if he stops fiddling with it, whilst trying not to look too uncomfortable or stare.  The book says its for 10 - 14 year olds which I think is a bit late.  How much porn has the average 14 year old boy looked at, searched or been shown by friend.  Whats he taught by mainstream culture, page 3, Hollywood and all those bastard music videos.   At 10 most girls are already been sexualised, traumatised by social attitudes towards their bodies and the roles they are pressured into.  I read on amazon when I was researching something I would be comfortable for him to dip into over the years when read something that really pissed me of.  Someone complained about one book that it wasn't necessary to teach 5 year olds about homosexuality. As if telling a kid that some women and men prefer to be close to people of the same sex is akin to mentioning fisting, vibrators, bondage and S&M.  Surely is better to give them some basics well before the prepubescent hormones and peer pressure start kicking in.