September 03, 2012

Until I can tell my own story..

All quotes from Breaking Ritual Silence: An Anthology of Ritual Abuse Survivivors' Stories eds., Jeanne Marie Lorenze & Paula Levy (1998)

'When you are born to satanist
parents, you drink paradox with
your mother's milk.' (Jane Solay, p.132)

'And I will write it someday; I will tell. I will tell in words that people will not be able to look away from..' (g & c, p.7)

'By age fifteen, I had been raped thousands of times, witnessed scores of murders, and killed..' (Joy, p.25)

'Killing just seemed natural and matter-of-fact for us. (Morgana, p.61)

'They taught me that everything has life and everything is sacred, then they turned around and forced me to abuse an animal or use one of the elements in an abusive way.' (Two Bears Running, p.41)

'I was an interrogator and an assassin.' Morgana (p.62)