February 23, 2013


Very draining fortnight, the statement last week, three sessions this week and next week its my 'birthday' next week. As usual I can't bear the thought of the birthday.  It's my Halloween.  At least at Christmas there's lights, decorations and chocolate everywhere.   There's been a shit load of tears and there is probably going to be a shit load more.  My supplies haven't been supplied and the poor lanky female in the cupboard whose due in about 10 ten days has lost a few lower limbs and was far from over ever endowed before.  My god, I forgot how good home grown bud can taste, even when its well immature and fresh out the oven.  Must leave the rest..

The psychiatrist wanted a nurse to be present while he takes a history.  He's quite open about the fact that he's 'working in the dark', as he puts it.  He seems to think that if he reads my file more and looks into things he's going to figure out what ever is going on for me. I wished it him good luck.  He brought in the same CPN that I saw in refuge, she literally scoffed at me then to.  It sounded a bit deliberate the way she got the pied piper's name wrong.  I think she did the exact same thing last time.  Last time I saw her one of the workers from Woman's Aid said she was a bit shocked at the way the CPN had talked about me when she showed her out.  There was talk about saying something to someone about her unprofessional behavior and attitude but it never happened.  I won't be talking in front of her again but I might ask if she remembers me from refuge.

Psychiatrist said he wanted an investigation of his own, I would of asked what sort of investigation and into what but I was occupied in trying to sob with some sort dignity. We didn't have much time his next patient arrived and he told me when I was about to leave that he wanted to talk to my parents.  For obvious reasons I wasn't too keen but said we can talk about it next time when I will probably also give him their phone numbers.  And PsychoSis's as well for that matter, not feeling vulnerable to the point of not being to handle a ranty phone call from her.

He often asks about my sexual history and fantasies and I find it all very hard to answer, sexual experiences and fantasies are things that other people have.  I have rape and exploitation and memories of sex that felt good at the time. He's asked several times how many forced abortions, not in hospitals I've had.  I kept saying I didn't know.  It's like he doesn't understand what DID/MPD are and actually mean in terms of someone long term memories.  We haven't really talked about mind control at all.  I got the feeling he is starting suspect the majority of what I'm saying didn't happen.  He asked if he could speak to my therapist, I'm totally cool that.  She can give him the sort of academic overview that I can't.

New drama therapist seems okay.  I made up a story about a fox whose happy solitude is broken by the wails of a starving young family that live on the other side of a deep, dangerous crevice.  He takes them food, purely to shut them up but is injured on the journey and is forced to stay and be taken care of by the family he set out to help.  She says she's into using movement and I definitely need some of that but I it's probably going to hurt.

My one to one therapist wants to give me some education on the current thinking on DID and multiples so we can establish some sort of vocabulary to describe what goes on.  I told her about Sally and Rab.  I think Sally was Savile's previous 'favorite' that I watched him and his associate murder.  I told her hair was beautiful before they started on her, she said it was dyed and when I see Sally her hair is mousy.  I often took on the dead, my way of dealing with it I guess it gave me a purpose.  I could help them answer the questions they need answered and they stayed with me always and protected me from the worst.  Rab on the other hand, was long dead before I was born, what with him being Burns.  I was thinking the other night  I would love to write the story of the relationships between me and all the people in my head, we have so much fun sometimes.  That way the focus is me and the amazing ways that the human mind can survive shit not focusing on the abusers, what they did what and what pub they went to for a pint afterwards. It avoids a lot of the legal/safety worries.

I also told her about the flashbacks of birth in my room, the stiff, aching body when I stood up afterwards and then walking into the bathroom to find Alkysis had drowned the baby in the bath.  She thinks its probably mind control.  I'm not so sure.  I don't think the mind control stuff usually comes back in dribs and drabs like that.  The mind control stuff was about giving me (as in the ANP 'apparently normal personality'..)experiences of rape that I didn't completely dissociate from that were with 'me' all day and all night. They don't come back in very sensory emotionally overwhelming flashbacks years later because they weren't blocked out at the time.  Furthermore, the 'me' that exists in the mind control rape stuff would often seem sort of unrecogniseable when recalled.  She if generally really shocked and surprised that whatever is happening is happening.  Where as any 'me' with any kind of self consciousness, isn't.

May hear from the police next week, find out what the almighty Met are saying.  Not that I'm giving much of a fuck.  I can't see me been treated by them in a way that will make me feel safe enough to really open up about everything.  The officer who took the statement was very clear about including that I have information that is relevant to Fernbridge though.     


  1. "He often asks about my sexual history and fantasies..."

    Run, run, run from this so-called doctor. This is absolutely inappropriate, particularly for anyone who has suffered abuse (whatever he may claim).

    There was a survey some years ago in which well over half of all psychiatrists admitted to having sexually exploited some of their patients. Unfortunately abuse victims are often singled out as targets because their past abuse has conditioned them to be compliant, keep secrets, and to distrust their own instincts.

    If he offers reasons, justifications or excuses as to why talking dirty to him is somehow for your own good, or if he implies that you are only uneasy due to "unhealthy" inhibitions - he will be gaslighting you.

    Your feelings of unease are telling you the truth and you should trust them.

    Men like this are masters of the art of psychological manipulation, including leaving you feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, hyper, or just very confused - and then using THAT as a reason to insist you need more therapy...from them.

    Don't decide to trust him 'just for now'. Don't decide to keep the next few appointments and wait to see how things pan out, because things like this will only ever pan out in the interests of the one with most power.

    In your position I would contact the hospital/health authority in writing and request to be transferred to a different consultant (preferably female). NOT going into details (unfortunately when victims complain they face stock accusations of being paranoid/deluded, with all misconduct denied), other than stating that you are dissatisfied with your treatment.

    If you can get someone such as your GP to make the request on your behalf, all the better (again, go careful about how much you confide, as medical ppl tend to close ranks).

    This is a potentially very dangerous situation which could blight the rest of your life, and it is desperately important to get away from this predator, no matter what it takes. If you can live without psychiatry for a while, then do so.

    Unfortunately the mere fact of having been in the role of patient is more than enough to discredit you. He will pontificate on about how female patients develop 'transference' and get the hots for their docs...and how they then become deluded that their sad little fantatsies were real, poor dears. The entire system, as in childrens' homes, is geared from top to bottom, to protect the perps and destroy the victims.

    If you want to complain AFTER you are safely out of his reach, only do so through a REALLY good solicitor who has successfully handled such cases before.

    In the meantime, trust your instincts about this man's creepy and prurient behaviour. The most important thing is to get away before he can damage you any more, and then ensure you remain out of his reach.

    Escape now, and you will wonder for the rest of your life whether you were being oversensitive. Don't escape, and you will regret it every day for the rest of your life.

    Good luck, and I'll be praying for you.

    - Cath

  2. Thanks Cath,

    part of the difficulties with ppl that have been victimised to the extent I have is that we can be so grateful just to be seen, to hear our own voices and not be physically abused and/or threatened that we accept the double standards and inappropriate behaviors. I've learnt to feel terrified when treated with respect anyway because it means abusers have something or someone positive to attack. I don't expect any better, if such institutional misogyny and lack of humanity didn't exist then the extreme abuse wouldn't of been so easy to commit and cover up.

    Unlike others he has never mentioned 'delusional', has suggested multiple overlapping diagnosis that I agree with and regularly admits he isn't sure whats going on here appears to be making efforts to find out more.

    When in the room with him and the scoffing psychiatrist nurse I had to focus my attention on him because of my history with her. I do not prefer female doctors, police etc over male, just compassionate, proficient ones over those who work with callous indifference and agendas. Woman played powerful roles in abuse and women only rings were not always inferior to mens. At least with men there was more of a chance of being groomed, women often did not have enough patience with me for that. Please do not assume that because someone is female they are safe.

    I will talk to my therapist about it. He is my third psychiatrist in two and half years, I have no reason to think that the next one would be any better. Unfortunately, escaping for me has always involved a fair bit of sitting down and talking to people I would prefer to not to. There is no other way, there is little if any support for ritual abuse victims and I have no where to go.

    For what is worth though I agree with pretty much everything you have said and I'm not going to deny that I have started having horror images about being raped in his room, in that building but that's because he brought in the nurse more than the repeated questions about my sex life. I don't easily get intimated in a room talking to one person (regardless of there gender and size) but when I'm out numbered its different. I'm not scared of him but I am of the CPN.

    Don't worry about me not mentioning and accepting that this is just the way its always going to be forever, I see every conversation I have about what happened to me as a battle and its the war I want to win.