February 02, 2013

How do you know Savile to?

Over the years he took over how I was treated by other groups.  Taking away any ritualism that wasn't completely abusive.  If they refused Savile turned against them, there was some mixed feelings at seeing men who considerable themselves untouchable being treated in the same way that they had treated me.  Savile wasn't too interested in discussing nuances of Satanic theory.  He had no time for any 'genuinely religious' Satanism, he explained to the leaders how to simplify things and then demonstrated on me and others.  Harm for the sake of it which was 'real' Satanism as far as I was concerned, all that bookishness and dead languages missed the point because it didn't cause enough harm.  Of course anything that went on that didn't directly hurt me was to be cherished and he took a lot of it away from.

I looked forward to the time when Savile would introduced himself to and infiltrate the groups and bloodlines that were big on seeing Satanism as a form of political, spiritual and social resistance to state hegemony and oppression.  Brutalising your kids physically before they are brutalised by society intellectually.  Rape your wives so their sexualities don't become tools to subjugate men.  Kill ur babies so the bond between mother and child so it doesn't enslave you. Destroy all bonds between family and peers so relationships don't become manipulated by the requirements of elites.  Some such groups loved getting their hands on rich and powerful and torturing them in ways that were said to represent the effects of inequality on lower classes.  To get access to such symbols of elite power they had to gain favour with the bosses of the rich and famous so much of the time was spent attempting to meet the will and whim of the leaders of elite ritualism.

When I heard Marx being referenced or discussed by such 'socialist' Satanists as a left leaning idealistic young teenager it made my blood boil and I got an insight of what Satanic abuse must be like if your were deeply Christian or Islamic or whatever.  I deeply hated hearing things that I believed used as justification for destroying the life options of others.  Such groups sometimes saw me as a pet and tool of the elite and I was extra punished for that.  I worked hard to sabotage and collect evidence on those elite groups, I felt like if people stopped raping me I might be able to address some of those ingrained social injustices and the power of media propaganda.  Most of the me's had long grown out of being upset at the things that were said but this got to us, lots of us.

I had started day dreaming about what could happen when Savile took them over like he had so many others.  It wasn't something we went in for, fantasizing about people being raped.  It made me very worried about how personally we were obviously taking this.   I thought he would teach them not to be so prejudiced in their approach.  That the point of Satanism was that there was no point.  That they would be taken down a peg or to.  Savile's appearance in some of the groups had caused a lot of destabilisation and even crumbling in some cases so that if you had your eye on the exit you were out.  Instead he seemed unusually prepared to listen to them.  It shocked me when I saw him start to agree and ask questions, thank them and engage with them.  He told me later that it wasn't because he really believed any of that tripe but had to bring them onside for some plan he had.