June 20, 2015

Proper bam


So much from the last couple of years has exposed itself. Bertie really is a grooming raping bastard as we may of mentioned before. Ferris associate and the worst of the police, intel traffickers etc. it's not new new stuff though.. Nothing from living in this house. When he admited stuff from when we were young we didn't even care. We know it must of started young because of how wierd we get around him. Not ourselves. Amnesiac.

Guess you need a bloke to do your hovering before you can properly come to terms with how often he has been involved in ruining our and others lifes. 

Yep lots of stuff about the last couple of years most of which we don't feel up for blogging or talking about with T. 

Yes I am concerned that I let someone into my house who is deeply involved in abuse networks, who has raped before and now knows everything about where me, junior & the cuzs often sleep.. But we do feel awake and present enough without the extreme anxiety know that we know that we have done that. 

Their is some comfort in that it is known about and not just by all the wrong people.  Also in feeling some confidence that these walls will stay down and in our abilities to deal with any shit should it occur.

Not attempting to look into the future. But we don't feel dangerously low and trapped as E.Ps as we have as a long time. Our old Nemisis - Oral.