August 24, 2015

..don't worry..

Landlords assistant txted about the rent difference. We asked about the boiler and got a txt back saying the landlord would be coming round for a viewing so the place should be cleaner. Txted back pissed off. None of the work that was supposed to get down has been done. He's a bullying cunt. Hate people like that . Just coz he's a bloke with some dosh we thinks he's entitled to lie and fuck with people. What fucking use is hot water that runs cold every couple of minutes. It's hard enough for us to persuade ourself into shower as it is.. Years of the same shit, work that's going to get done but is never mentioned again. Waiting for workers that don't show. He was horrible last time. We were already down. It was February.

Joys of school term. Hassled for dinner money. Can't face council offices. Can't handle school triggers. Can't handle the isolation. 

Been thinking little about painting kitchen. But can't commit to staying here. Like this. Can't think of a way out.