October 03, 2015


Hi Dad,

We have started post with those two words a few times not sure if we managed more few words nevermind ever hitting 'publish'. Maybe there is heaps of them. Don't know. Not checking.. We have giving in to the waiting to be rescued. Its the end of term next week and we have gone the whole time paying almost £2 a day because we havent got it in us to to sort out the free school meals so all the steps to getting his passport renewed aren't happening.

 Margo phoned and asked if we would go down this evening and watch a film, eat some snacks said she wanted some adult company so what the fuck she is asking us for I don't know. I'd like some adult company to. As therapist would say its not our job to meet her social needs so we said we would think about it but have no intention and made repeated V signs at the phone once it was over.

Hash and a new old xbox game are our main crutches this now and will continue to lean on them heavily tonight. I have made prior commitments to stalk a fictional character who may have a grudge against another fictional character's giant pet rats. I have no time for role playing as a family with Margo and whoevers' interests she is currently representing.

Learn a lot of computer games. We definitely seem to have a tendency to rush in without properly assessing risks.

Have come to terms with Spotify. Take the money you bastards. Its so easy. Been playing early REM this week and the late night jazz list. Theme from Charlie Brown, Chet Baker and Miles Davis. Love it.

No idea what you are up and don't want to if you cant tell me yourself.

He's fine. Joined a local martial arts class. I stayed and watched the first time but left the week after and will probably mostly do that. Some of the kids are really good and that makes us smile. He isnt which also makes us smile but found it really hard not to peck at him.

Pain just isnt an all day most days problem at all. Still made worse by same stuff though. The after period pain still the times when we feel so very little and so very hurt.

Got some dental work done. I know right! With the access to drugs we have.. Never happen yesterday though first time we have bailed on school to this term..

Hope your not to cornered. And if at all possible do feel free to rescue us so we can begin to become a major player in our own life and not an invisible or insignificant character. It would be much appreciated.

All such a mess. Seem to be mostly beyond the 'watch news to fuck yourself over' programming. Still going on twitter but usually end up wondering why.

Need hugs dad.

We hug wee man lots but he's a boy and needs us to be an adult as much as possible when we need to not be one.

Love as always.
(we think)