As nice as it was having the mattress against the radiator feels good to be in a bed that is all attached itself, doesn’t move about as I move.. that is made of big bits of wood.. didnt cut any corners putting it together either and that includes screwing down every slat by both ends..

Rescued the vintage pink duvet out the spare room and its on the new bed, since we were in there dumping the bits of old bed we nabbed a couple of pictures and have been moving what we have up already around.There's a lot of wall space in here and its bare which is grim.

It is lovely lovely weed and we are very glad to have enough for tomorrow we couldn't sleep last night and ended up just getting up and cleaning the kitchen and hoovering the fith in here before dude was up for school.

Our room is beautiful. Its a lovely space for us to be exhausted in. Finished moving pictures around and swung around clothing to get rid of some of the spider complexes. Its so good to be able to do so. No more putting things how we like it then having to change it into something else we don’t like because it was sure to bring hell if we didn’t. Almost homelike. Almost. 

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