Hiya Rosie Rosie daughter daughter,

So many of them wasn't there. All smiling and enthusiast and keen to get on with job at hand.. Such a beautiful sight and so utterly useless.. It was really hard choosing people to shut the program down. So hard to tell anyone what we had been doing. So difficult for so many of us to let go of. It was we set up to keep ourself alive and ran in levels that are extremely hard to communicate with. It was what we did to stop us from thinking about you all the time. It was we did to survive and attempt to acknowledge the scale and the reasons for all the genocide and the breeding. We will carry none of them but they will all come from our eggs and brought up away from it all at least that way we had some control over our eggs as well.

They must be less useless now. Surely.

Love you love you.

I'm sore and tired all the time can you come rescue your mummy yet?

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