March 11, 2013

Best psychiatrist I've ever had...

Quotes from report for ESA appeal..

"There is identity confusion even involving her sexuality as she reports her first voluntary relationship in her teenage years was with another girl and this was sexual"

"She always gives an elaborate and sometimes complicated past history of alleged sexual abuse with some disturbing details but typically does not appear disturbed or distressed whatsoever and has told me that the reason is because she has repeated the stories over and over several times, and used to it at this stage.

"Diagnosis - 1. Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder which among other symptoms explains her possible variable mood, history of deliberate self-harming behavior, chronic feeling of emptiness, identity disturbance and possible dissociative like state particularly under stress.

2. She had also attached in her notes a diagnosis of Persistent Delusional Disorder due to the non-bizarre nature of the alleged strings of sexual abuse which although hasn't yet been verified but still under investigation."

I presume he meant 'bizarre' rather than 'non bizarre'.  Homosexuality equals identity confusion?!?

As for not appearing 'disturbed or distressed' I guess he doesn't pick up on self soothing (rubbing, stroking my arms, hugging myself), the thousand yard stare or the weeping that happened when he said he was going to investigate.  The police have said they same thing, what the fuck do they expect? I generally get upset after such appointments but no one is there to document that so it doesn't count.  I saw this letter the same day as wee man had his face versus pavement incident, the GP who saw us for the emergency appointment has sent me out one of those multiple choice 'how miserable are you' questionnaires.  I must of been appeared 'disturbed and distressed'.

I wonder how many people have committed or attempted suicide  self harmed, went on drug/alcohol/food/sex binges or gave into abusers/abusive behaviors after appointments with Psychiatrists or other health care professionals?

'First do no harm' pfft.


  1. This is a psychiatrist?!!! A health professional?!! What planet is he on? How much disturbed and distressed behavior does he think one person is capable of in a lifetime? Are you supposed to be crying from 9-5 every day at a minimum to satisfy criteria? Has he not heard of coping strategies? How does he think you get through each day?

    God, this makes me mad! The first time I told someone, my sister, I cried. The first friend I told, I cried too. And the second. Some of that was out of self-pity, which I got quite bored with. Now I just take a deep breath and dive in, matter of fact, there you go. Not because I feel better, but because I can't afford to invest that much of myself each time. My brain just won't let me. Also, I'm not really that capable of crying. I do it maybe 3-4 times a year, and rarely for myself. I think it's unfortunate, I wish I could. I think it says more about how damaged I actually am than about how much I don't care.

    WHAT A FIRST CLASS MORON! I'm sorry you had to put up with that. He sounds like he's done a week-end course in psychology. My therapist says psychiatrists are suspect anyway, with a chip on their shoulder because they don't have the same status as other doctors, and more interested in being right and describing drugs than doing anything useful. My first and only psychiatrist was nice enough, but he got me hooked on sleeping pills and pain killers.

    What a twat! Does he expect you to get upset to order? Does he want to you cry into a jug so he can measure how many ml of tears you have produced? To talk about stuff as horrendous as what you've been through, you might just have to be matter of fact to get any words out at all, to get some distance to it, is what I would imagine. That's what any reasonable person would imagine. Grrrrrrr.

    I recommend you make drawing of psychochiatrist, rip it into small pieces and flush it down the toilet. Then again, the oceans are already polluted.

    *big hugs* Hang in there. What can I say? They're not helping, are they?

  2. There is a German documentary on youtube about ritual abuse in France. The psychologist on the programme basically says it is because of the distance the victim uses when speaking about her past, that makes her more inclined to believe what she was saying.

    Its in 5 parts, i've linked to the part where the psychologist is speaking so you can see what I mean. x

  3. Daff,
    I read this today on someone's blog and I thought of you. Thought I might put the quote here. My apologies if this is off topic....
    "Depression, panic attacks and anxiety are NOT a sign of weakness. They are signs of having to remain strong for too long."

    This bullshit from these degreed doctors pinch my last nerve. None of them know fuck all about how to deal with all of you out there who have been abused in the worst ways known to mankind.