March 19, 2014

Journalism! Law!? pfft

Its going really well with Exaro!! I didn't want to attempt to write up stuff when I didn't even know who we were talking to and didn't know how much they already knew from blog or whatever so we sent this first..

Dear Exaro,

Thank you for asking us to get in touch over twitter.  As I don't know what if anything you have already read I will assume you know nothing and tell you first of all that I am currently seeing a private psychologist who is treating me for Dissociative Identity Disorder and PTSD as a result of severe repeated traumas which began in childhood and continued into adulthood.  The NHS have never offered DID as a formal diagnosis but described disclosed incidents of serious and organised abuse involving Savile plus others many of whom are in positions of trust and respect as the result of Persistent Delusional Disorder.  I was prescribed anti psychotics three years ago and took them, they did not make any of these 'delusions' go away.  Similarly requests for help with the long term and ongoing depression, anxiety, emotional and interpersonal problems, intrusive disturbing memories etc have often been met with offers of anti depressants that have never helped and 'just get on with your life' type comments and I am therefore no longer engaging with NHS psychiatric services.  

After contact with Yew Tree when the investigations began the familiar practice of police just not getting back continued but persistence did result in me making a statement a year ago next month during which a willingness to be contacted by Fernbridge was mentioned as Elm Guest House is very highly likely to be one of the many places Savile took me to.  After giving the statement the police woman told me that she would get back to me after speaking to the met.  No one ever did. Although when I phoned the NHS inquiry into Savile's activities in hospitals when they didn't reply to an email about support for completing a written statement that that the Met had told them not to talk to me because of ongoing investigations into living persons.  
I contacted my MP late last year, after La Vell was declared not guilty and the Watkins trial was ongoing (both of whom I have made serious allegations against on more than one occasion) my MP met with police but I know nothing about what they discussed other than the police said they will contact me. Due to the level of police involvement in the abuse networks I grew up in and plenty of experience of how high, wide and deep all this goes I have no faith that anything me or anyone else ever says about any of it will be investigated properly or acted on.  It seems highly unlikely that if I could not get police to stop abuse when it was ongoing no matter my age in reporting, the presence of physical evidence or where about in the UK I reported it that they will be in position to do anything about it now.

We have read very little about your investigations due to how overwhelming the triggers are and because we don't believe that the kind of evidence and witnesses that journalists want is going to be found but did email your piece on Sidney Cook and 'the one that got away' to our therapist as we thought it demonstrated the sort of culture we remember and because she was having difficulty believing that the murders we talk and write about were actual events and not staged to terrify victims and witnesses.  

I would be interested to know if you wish discuss anything more but would plead that if you do, you approach us with great sensitivity and an open mind. Also if you wish to continue and then change your minds for whatever reason, please let us know even if you do not want to state why.  It has not just been the police that have failed to return calls or emails after stating an interest and this reinforces a sense of existing below anyone's area of concern and without any rights as was engendered during the abuse. 

Kind Regards,

I thought maybe they would ask some questions about the guest houses, the abuse parties with people from TV and Savile procuring kids or something but got this..

Thank you for your e-mail.

How do you think we might progress this?


Your the journalists for ffs.  Not even a name. Just 'editorial'.  I suspect whoever asked me to contact them on twitter is not Mr Editorial.  I should of slept on it first, shouldn't of put so much in first email, shouldn't of mentioned delusional disorder,  should of said more and been more specific, should never have bothered thinking that someone was prepared to listen to us, to then think about what we are saying and ask us questions, should never of thought any employed person in the UK wants anything to do with the truth.. we were pretty hurt by the lack of any effort to engage with us on any level so rattled this off..

Whats needed is investigations to expose the links between organised crime and the police, social work, medical, media, entertainment, legal, political, intelligence and military professions and how these links and the cover up of these networks and crimes against the vulnerable commited is aided by the existence of secret societies, institutional and society wide prejudices such as gender bias, racism, homophobia, victim blaming and the a lack of awareness and treatment for for PTSD and DID.

Of course none of this can be remotely possible without persuading more people to come forward.  Their anonymity must be respected.  Many fear legal repercussions for talking about crimes they were forced to commit, some are already being blackmailed and are concerned for their careers, many are still trapped in lives of crime or are high profile and everyone fears for safety of themselves and those they care about..

(formal name)

No response.  No response from Green's MP. Still no contact from police despite MP's assistant saying he chased them up but he did say I could contact him again if I wanted.  No contact is better than physical/verbal attacks but ignoring someone when they reach out is also abusive of course.. Is this it then? The best we can do?...