December 21, 2014

Named another fucker.

Weeping. Pointlessly and continuously.

Winter fucking solstice.  Its only to be expected. But those words dont come from a safe place or a caring person they come from ring members, telling us what to expect more importantly telling us what they will say when we meet them when we trying help ourselves, when they are in their day time postions in charities, police, counsellors and therapists.

Remember that politician in St Andrews. Him and a bunch of others standing in the door way, telling me not to talk, not to name him. We said 'OK' I think, feeling quite strongly that of course we bloody would. Physically I couldnt move but mentally and emotionally I was fine, the scared parts were well back. They looked like such a bunch of pathetic tools. Whatever had just been done to me and whatever was going to be done didnt change the facts. They were proper low lives no amount of careers, money or supportive contacts would ever change that.  I'm a decent human being. They are cunts.

The MPs name, we believe was Simon Danczuk. Current MP for Rochdale.. Looking at his profile on twitter is not making us feel very well. He was with the Exaro cunts back in 2001 as well, around in Glasgow, not sure if he was there in person in last rapes up in Aberdeen in 2010 but was involved somehow. Think there are some in here trying to say he was in Aberdeen in 2010 but others are not letting them through, to protect parts of ourselves from the memories. He is associated with Moyles and his lot.  But lots of 2001 abusers were working with them back then what with them being given the job by the intelligence/criminal powers that be. Getting lots of grim flashes now that we have named the fucker and much less doubt that we are wrong.

Much less weepy now to. Thanks to the hot milk and brandy, Carrie and the girls, and of course - naming the fucker.