December 11, 2016


Orders are to keep spirits up as much as possible so we are dutifully spliffing up lovely stuff lots and have initiated brandy season. There's a lot to be relieved about. To be at the end of 2016 and not the start of it or some time long before it.  Trump, RA, Russian fascists. There's not much on RT we can stomach now but we do try because they do have some good stuff sometimes but mostly its Al Jazeera or CNN if they are talking about the obvious lies and dangers of Trump. 28th of March 2012 or whenever PaedoBritain day was when we published the lists. And so much else and said see you end of 2016.. Meaning of course that we would be safe enough to be awake enough by now and enough of what they wanted had happened that there was nothing to loose in remembering.

Digging around in Russia wasn't tolerated after the fall. Neither was battling or defending myself or anyone else from traffickers and they were some of the worst. They became the worst when we managed to through enough spanners it the works of all the rest. There was them and what they personally and directly supported. The B.B.C, the media, the porn, the music industry. Taking out the systems that made and supported them just emboldened them but we knew we had to keep doing it the systems had us to. The off terra support. Now mostly if not totally gone.  Really? Blimey. That is worth a brandy honey tea or two.. fuck sake.

The ops we ran to make everything evil as fuck down here think it was all going very differently. Massive, complex intricate affairs involving thousands to millions of people. All that is over? Fuck.

All the work we would do would feel so meaningless. Anything good meant punishment long term back here and where ever else they took us before hand. When there was lots of Russian speakers we knew they were running out of middle men or had rattled them. We can't remember what the direct cause was but declaring war on Russia over Christmas 87 from the Glen seems like one of the things we almost always know. We were getting somewhere with English Conservatives and dealing with child sexual abuse and they annihilated it and much else besides.

What now? Can't the lists in that much detail but we remember the impression that it all started to get a lot better in 2017 and beyond. Not sure any of this means anything for us in short term practicalities.. Hmpf.

The memories of the shows. We are a long way from getting tired of them. There are so many.. They keep as warm just as they are supposed to. Even if we can't work. We hired the best. We have sit back let them do their job and keep spirits up..