November 04, 2017

Mum's a twin

Parts were saying last night where we no longer have to fear Italians finding out exactly how much the mafias are fascist. Massive relief but also obvious as fuck. There would be no Trump without the Brits but they would never of gotten us anaesthatised in Trump tower if it wasn't for the Gabienos. The police and military aren't 100% dumb terminals like here and in the US though so that's something but all our efforts to separate the drugs and the slave trade amount to very little in long term and its quite clear authorities are all about legalising and legitmising the slave trade but not the drugs. No humanitarianism. No human rights but satanic rites are prioritized, upheld and enforced, this is the West, people arn't called people in the West..

Parts are also saying the mega bomb deep under Britain isn't just primed to go blow at us having consensual sex, being deep underground or high above it but we also can't set foot on the Americas.. thats why we had to program Mensch or some other vacuum bot to initiate the procedure that took out the worst underground slave factory under the US last year. The lovely pink gas, for most of them the only time in their horrific existences when they felt any comfort. Birds flying high, you know I feel..

She's out of her decades of winter if its true and getting caught up.. But we are still here alone and that makes it really hard to feel especially with the thought of another school week ahead of us..

No weed of course and not expecting any either and well past asking tools to be generous enough to let us pay the stupid prices for it.

It is better to know something of what would be "triggered" if we were ourself instead of just "can't" it's not PTSD and DID and a slave mentality that keeps us here its a bomb big enough to cause mass global extinction and fuck up Earth's orbit.. Don't think there is anyone else who can't get in a plane or the Earth will blow up think they are just relieved it's me and not them and use their DID to stop themselves from knowing what the systems that have done this to me have planned for them.