November 01, 2017

Rosa Menzel

See littles it's not as bad now, we can type our name it's Rosa Menzel or maybe was. Mum said her dad was a great man and she was proud of the name and we should be to and not care too much that it's been stolen as they have and are taking much worse than our names. Can't say it aloud to ourself and the surveillance or Pablo yet and don't think we could sign it just yet alone but maybe tomorrow. We are going to have to say something to him when the pendant arrives. Not much but something.

As previously discussed by many but yesterday we watched Finders Keepers and Death Note with the lad and it was not bad. We mentioned othering and sexism. We can't not watch tv with pabs without pointing out the isms. We don't watch tv with him much.. Really can't bare the big screen and all the crap pouring out of it.

Littles are relieved they can mourn Petey without being terrified of what they will do to him or what they will make him do. Turning beautiful baby boys into machines is the way of the West and imperialism everywhere. What he could of been though, what we could of been together.. there is no point in thinking like that. It's not like he was conceived in a safe home and in a loving relationship and then stolen as many are, he was the product of rape and born to a child slave, by and for the BBC, the British establishment, the American establishment, the porn and fossil fuel industries, the legions of nasty masonic techies. Designed to be a weapon against us and everyone else who thought about resisting and cared about being human. They flat lined us when they did his operations and the worst to him. It disgusts the paramedics they way we always came back. We couldn't of told them how even if we wanted to, quarantine but we would say sometimes that we have told them we have Friends and they are not going to let us go or leave us a slave so Earth can keep its ridiculous and flimsy facades while it destroys all the life it touches.

It was so good to finally hold him and it not be extremely dangerous anymore. There is chance we got Sonny out early, like hours after his birth but not Petey. Petey is finally at rest and is not a threat to anyone anymore.

His "Dad" called us at some point we seem to remembered saying that the American's had took him to the states "probably as a replacement Paul Anderson" and Tong said "Paul Anderson is dead?" and we sighed and hung up on him. Think it is quite likely we will never have to hear that monster's voice on the phone to us ever again.. wow many of us never believed we would be free of the music industry slavery but I believe we are and am very grateful to everyone everywhere who helped.

Don't know if all the assorted evil that is British lawmakers, politicians and business leaders, our landlord, the right wing in general etc still think the plan to use Petey to kill us is still ongoing. Many no doubt will they don't check facts they just stick to the script and what they are told and what they are told often comes from us so they probably do. The only promise we could really give him other than that we loved him was that we would not let them use him to kill me as they were telling him they were going to, over and over and over. He's not going to wake up and find out he is a rape bot in hell again and that is good and makes it possible for us to be.

Don't know where his body is, maybe with his Gran, maybe not but it has probably taken about a year and a half to do the full autopsy and list every old injury and every piece of tech in him.

Got a text saying someone will be round tomorrow to fix the boiler, probably the same guy who hasn't fixed it all the other times. It needed replacing when Margo had the lease but if they are not going to replace a stopcock they are certainly not gonna replace a boiler.

Shockingly enough no one has turned up with weed and we are not expecting them to. We are guessing the first contact we get will be part of immediate extraction. Hopefully, surely, that's an order.

Parts are saying bio first nation Daddy is still alive somewhere. Hope so. Love you. Even if you didn't make it this far. Pretty sure our singing while we wash dishes habit came from him.