"We will focus on the hugs first."

We wept. Then wept some more. Amongst all the lies and efforts to set up our death and worst from all the calls we coming into Fintry here are real people telling me their prioritised the emotional torture and manipulation. It's done. We can be hugged by people. Hugged by people who have not swore oaths to hate and hurt us forever, our poor sister does not have to be us anymore she can figure out who she is and what she wants without having to be our only representative. More than all that after all these decades we can hug our sister. We can hug our Mum/s. We can hug our Dad/s and anyone else without the mile plus long multi bomb going off.. Holy fucking shit.

Still can't have sex but how the hell can you make love if you can't hug? Impossible. And if you have only been able to hug people since last night you are not going to go out and fuck tomorrow. The height and depths triggers are still active as is the American soil one but we told them not to prioritize that. If the Americans want it priotised they can get in touch.

It took a while for them to map out me and Pabs enough for them to be confident it wouldn't be triggered by me hugging him. There was months and months of starring at him feeling his hunger and not being able to touch him. The American crew who did the mapping were taking out as soon as they got back to the states even though the people who did it knew there was little chance of them surviving. Little chance is not no chance and some of us certain they were evacuated and protected. We hope so. We needed someone to survive. We needed to feel there was life and hope for Earth even if it was false.

We struggled a bit with it in the past, the times when the computer was turned of or gone and still no one hugged us. Maybe they were just scared. A dude wasn't having it. He was adimant that if we could be hugged and "people" still wouldn't it was because they were dead. He was quite convincing but then he did the science and the sums behind his argument and we could see no flaws, it was spot on. God bless him.

Star of David hasn't been dispatched yet. It is November though and we know from ordering xmas shit that it can take a while. We are kinda confident that its wont get their hands on it and do horrible things to it before it reaches our hands. We did tell Amazon it would be happening and we would be holding them responsible for it even after if and when it gets in the hands of the British postal service which is NHS level rancid (you'll get no communication but us). We apoligiesed for that and explained a bit about the British postal service to the gathered. Some tool started the whole "how/why can this be" shit but his collegues shut him down. I wasn't in a place where we had to pretend people didn't know. Like the conversation in the car with Nick Park and his mate after meeting with Liz to see the Minions movie, no mason will ever know or understand what masons are like I do. I've seen the proof of endless Shoah in the UK, how it predates the UK and they keep the evidence of it all to torture people like me. We have wondered how there came to be some many Jews in Britain millions of years ago but then remembered, man made, quarantine and knew we had come as far as we could while Earth authorities and institutions are still completely constructed to continue the pogrom.

The gender division.. the enslavement of the female.. (breeding the dumbest with the dumbest for millions of years and breeding the smartest with the smartest and keeping them very separate) it's been going on so long that we are kinda a different species.. It's not just because of the selective breeding either it's the trauma and survival evolution that hasn't been passed to males because it wasn't required. Never underestimate the infanticide that is practiced in the UK. It's massive and always has been. What a fucking mess.

They came for the left France. And between the UK and the US they never allowed you to recover and we feel we are over the most of the mourning we needed to do.

Anyway. We can be hugged. HUGGED!!!! There is no one around to hug of course but we can and we arn't telling people to stay away because we can't be hugged, because we can be hugged. Did you get that dear reader? WE CAN BE HUGGED. It's over..

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