Admit it grrl. Your disabled.

Even the government thinks so.

Not that I agree with them much. My GP told me about someone who was recently failed for DLA, so asthmatic he could barely walk up the corridor. I guess sometimes the taboo nature of bad mental health can bring positive things as well as being a major factor in what keeps some people ill.

Have joined Triberr which I am very grateful for, @Prozacblogger and everyone else who has made me feel a bit less isolated even if I it makes me feel like I'm being touched. Realising this is pretty important, that I shut down at any sort of touching, emotional or otherwise. Thanks to G for the hugs that have helped me realise this to. Doctor on Wednesday morning, no word from any psychiatrist so need to chase it up and start getting real with her. I self medicate, I'm sure I've told her this. The current prescribed meds are either not working or making things worse. I've already cut down on them. I want another specialist and I want to know if I have aspbergers. Usually there is a lot of sympathy but nothing can be done. If the docs could legalise it they would. If I've found it to be the best treatment, stick with it. I've often went in with expectations of a 'drugs are bad' lecture but found myself being the only one that is saying there is anything wrong with it. Thank fuck for all the good GPs I seen over the years. Their compassion for me and insight into whats wrong with me have been the difference between a life without hope and a life with one.

I just wish they'd written better notes...

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