November 27, 2012

Sexual Abuse & History Repeating.

I feel that people need to take a step back from the whole black and white thing when it comes to Satanic & Ritual Abuse.  What we are trying to expose here involves activities so evil that it happened beyond the scope of human memory processing abilities and so insidious that is corrupts everything and everyone it came across.  Feel the anger, express it. Please do not believe that 'justice' can be resolved with quick fixes or long term investigations that bring very little in the way of real consequences for those who gained the most or improved opportunities  for victims to find safety and healing. After all what we are taking about here is people being routinely and expertly forced to do things that were totally against their conscience and everything they held true.  Then to do these under order or suggestion and then out of preference.

I am not saying all pedophiles are victims to, or that there is any circumstances when it is justified.  I just want  people to be more aware of what actual Satanism, as experienced by me and many others involves.  Abuse your own or someone else's, rape or kill, you do it or we will and we will never stop.  Things did not just happen. People were held against their will for hours, days, weeks at a time, drugged, terrified, injured, starved, tortured and traumatised in an unbelievable variety of ways and by people who were very skilled in what they were doing.  The 'abusers' had always (as far as I could tell) been through exactly what they put you through, that's what makes them (us?) so good at it.  You knew they would be back and everything you had done in the mean time would be scrutinised, judged and punished.

There needs to be some separation between the rage and any ideas about how any of this can be put right.  We need to know what we are dealing with and think clearly.  Otherwise we are just behaving exactly as we are intended to.  We are not dealing with something on the fringes of society here, this went to the heart of every powerful institution; cultural and economic not just in the UK but across developed economies.  As for developing, indigenous or hunting and gathering populations were affected by it I'm not so sure.  But I think there might be some clues in my genocide dreams.

I understand why people give up on the police but we have to keep trying whenever it is safe.  Take as long as you need but keep talking to them until you find either find someone in the police who will listen or someone who will make the police listen for you.  There are police out there who have heard of similar things from witnesses they considered reliable but have also seen what attempting to investigate it has done to their colleagues careers.  They have to listen to us, we have to make them take us seriously if we are to be taken seriously in the courts.  Police, social workers (dare I say!) judges are people to.  They have families that may have been threatened or hurt.  They have orifices, essential organs, nervous systems and survival modes just like everyone else.

And as for compensation.  Its not their money its just 'the' money. These institutions are capitalist the only way they can be hurt is financially   In the unlikely event, whenever it is possible take them and everyone they know for as much as you can get.  Give it to charities  research, refuges, whatever if you dont want it or cant keep it.  Money is power, the rich can only treat the vulnerable like that because they rich and well connected and the vulnerable are not.  Our bodies, our skills, our intellects were used against us for the pleasure and profits of others, recognise your value and take the money back.