March 09, 2015


There's a big meandering post that is unedited and will probably stay that way for a while. We were trying to explain what is making our head spin at the moment. It really is different. This isn't passing parts with fragments that hang around and then go but intigration. Not in parts eating each other up type way but in parts accepting each other's existence. 

Histories that were programmed to be mutually exclusive trying to fill in each other's gaps. We are accepting what a toll that is going to take but it's hard not to worry that we are slipping into bad habits. 

More access to my brain means feeling more connected to everything though, our flesh, the world or strange but reliable spirtuality, the possiblity that we find space to make a sexuality to out of hungry and brutalised pieces.  

..Love needs to strong to survive everything that was done to us but it's apparently not impossible..

Everything cost so much though. Too much to right off. 

When parts call for their homes their families, the places they were safe, we are begining to see and understand without having to block it out because it was to painfull.