Hi Daddies,

The new pens arrived today we would of got them on Friday but we were out! No walks today though. We did good last week with walks, eating, teeth brushing, meds, house work.but mood has dropped and pain level has risen since then. Hopefully when we get some solids tomorrow we will start feeling better.  Hate it when we dread dude coming home from school because we will have to sound like we are ok. We probably wouldn't cook much or eat meals much though if it wasnt for him though and we usually feel better after some non junk food wish we could buy and cook more tasty healthy stuff. And there was someone else around to cook. That would be even better.

Still wading through a head full of fictions. It upsets us lots to be away from people and places that would help us sort it all out really quickly, impossible to see how there will ever br an end to it from here. We did everything we set out to do and some so that must surely have involved ending this lonely and confusing no mans land that can never feel like a home to us. We are where the horrific fascist slaver systems put us and we tried but there is just no way of forgetting that, the heartache and the constant sense of being unsafe wont let us and never has and its not like their will be any genuine social progress here there has been too much community and state wide abuse and slavery. Rape not talking about rape is what has always been socially acceptable behaviour.

But you all know that.

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