January 21, 2018

Vrrr Daddy.  Would love a bath we are really sore and yucky. Tomorrow is gonna be even worse than today as we are truly out of bin baccy and the hrating will be off all night tonight. We got some donated food and two fags yesterday thats something but no toilet roll.. Of course we couldn’t adjust to not relying on Niall straight away. We couldn’t let the programmers know we would of finally be able to say bye no Niall without the rings stepping in and taking us out and getting someone else to tell Niall we needed his “support” or worse force us to. Its the usual thing we dont wont to be here, the violence and horror that put us here isnt undone, it isnt addresssed or safe now we got the worst of the tech we havent made people care about care themselves and each other. We cant accept being here for another hour and day so planning a week or two weeks money is so hard. Even though we have no real sense of any justice or real change any time soon.

Thought writing might help but its just making want to smoke. We can think of you when we havent been able to here forever and we can but we just feel hate anger and everything everyone for keeping us apart and for being commited to torturing us and keeping everything stupid and evil slavers in control for ever and ever. Hope your getting stronger Daddy so you can help get me out this shit. When does my life begin Dad Im so sick of evil and stupid controling my memory and my life outside of war and taking everything we win from us and everyone who wants to live and not be handed a script and never lift their eyes from it.

When do I get to live Dad with people who love and respect me Daddy, people who are alive and want others to be alive and understand that the all the suffering down here isnt just the way things are they are the way they are because everyone is too brutalised and ignorant to understand it does not need to be like this.

When can we go home Dad? We will get food and heating on Tuesday but what about everything else we need..