Its singular isnt it not plural in the way some of us want to mean. There is a sadness with it all wee associate with having lost bits of of our mind or soul. Its not easy to look into it it feels too raw, too painful in ways we are not ready to deal with yet. So glad we do not need to keep all thoughts of you pushwd way way down and kept locked away from many of us. There was always so many trying anything to grt you to get us both so we couldnt save each other.

Will have to get a really cheap laptop for the word puke. Dont want to use tablet battry for writing to you Daddy I need it for distraction games.. my little happy street is looking wonderful, ive been raising through the tiers with my little pirates and an winter event in the hidden object game.. i am a very busy girl! Pain nasty today but picked up painkillers yesterday and its the stronger ones so they arenakint a cozy difference. They haf oz of adequate solid is going very quickly. We just miss you too much.

All those systems trying to take credit for all the work you did and do while trying to enslave and erase you was what we often ysed as an amnesia trigger, we couldn’t be among people who treated you so badly as well as me. We had work to do and ops against us to survive before we could think about you without hiding it from parts of us. It was so horrible and so lonely. There was just so much hate and so much experience of torture in everyone.

We still miss you too much but also so glad you no longer have to work as hard as upu always have. Love you. We can hold on for a bit longer... we think!

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