for my living mummy

Such a heartless and viciously brutal world without lots of denial and amnesia isn't it Mummy.. Waiting for abuse to come over the fences or from a passerby. Knowing there is little chance to escape slavery, to be away from constant hate, to be treated appropriately by professionals and know there is somewhere to complain if you are not.. Not if the British state has you in their borders. We are Jews, the blood in our veins threatens them and the education we got as slaves so the professionals don't have to do or know much disgusts them. The only thing hated more than us is the idea that we might get away and live peacefully happy lives looking after and loving each other.

We hold back the memories of all the work and the fighting when we are on our own for as long as we can. We really don't like being nose to nose with the fact that all it amounts to us still having a pulss, still being on the outside of that shed and in a state to be angry about it. It was a while before he knew about that leak and when it rained the water dripping down helped quite a few stay conscious and alive a little longer. There is no escaping the message, we are here to suffer, to bare the gloating of child torturing murdering brainless slaver scum because they work for the Fascists in power and their drug dealing pets.

Not filled with the joys of okay money Tuesday in summer today at all. Weed may or may not show up, the hash has been getting us migrainey so we have not bought more. Sick of the bullshit and the casual racism from the guy, maybe some of the Pakistanians and others that get called by that abbreviation have got immune to it but it winds us up something chronic.

The buddleia is almost out and think that even without cannabis we will not be too depressed to take and share pictures. Would rather you could come and see it yourself and then take me Pablo away from this awful place and its long long history of crimes against humanity and nature.

I'm sorry Mummy but we really need a home now, can you help?

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