A Wee Bitty Better

Best boost for Hidden City, free energy and a seriously higher chance of finding items, it got Us too excited though and didn't have enough tools so kept losing though. Activated it to force a decent break from gutting the child's midden. Half of it is not like a midden at all now, the area around his desk gets absolutely disgusting. Its a grab big items, use a dust pan and brush then the broom before getting the wonderful new Hoover in about it. There is a carpet join that's falling apart so will get him a new fluffy rug for under his feat to protect the carpet, cause he loves fluffies and will hopefully encourage him and me to not let it get so bad. His chair and coffee table came today but there isn't the space or stamina to build them yet.  Hope to have a bit more done by the time he gets home from school tomorrow.

My room is of course just getting worse, as all our energy is going to his room. Had clean bedding for days and am still in a grubby nest because after doing other stuff that desperately needs doing there is just no energy to move about and wrestle with a fitted sheet and duvet cover.

Have wisely not put any money down get but have been spending some time looking at paint colours.. Would start on the bathroom, kind of inspired by the retreating mould above the window as well as the hanging fern. Slightly freaked out when first noticed it. Mould fading by it's self.. WTF.. did someone treat it when we were out? Did one of us treat it and not tell the upfront me? Is it the magical powers of the fern? The only other thing it could be is the air purifier that we got with the backed dated too fucked up to work money so we could smoke fags in bed sometimes without feeling guilty and reeking the place up. Quite impressed with it as it must be cleaning the whole flat as its not like its ever ran in the bathroom. Our lungs of course would prefer it if we went back to having to of our arse to smoke at the door and kept the purifier.

White walls, white woodwork. It's too much! D├ęcor helps but a lot some something else on the woodwork would be cool and just keep the walls white. Get something washable and hope the bits we paint over don't stand out to much. White on white probably only noticeable when it's really bright and your looking for it. We would be sensible. No definetly biting of more than we can chew because we are so desperate for an improvement. Furniture paint for a couple of drawer things.. Maybe after cleaning up kitchen We could think about the doing something with the black fireplace. We would enjoy it not being black and sucking up all the light in the room..There's the fancy bits on the doors to... Tentatively thinking the bathroom could be done by Xmas, health depending of course. Would be ever lovelier than it is already.

It's all fun to think about whilst looking over vintage inspired paint colours and a hell of a lot easier that getting that dresser down the fucking stairs. Will be so glad once its done and have physically recovered. :-)

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