March 22, 2012

over dub

She talked about how she used to get singing lessons. I couldn't tell the difference between her vocal and the chart version on the CD. She said it was dubbed, something about a noise caused using microphones, or something. It was difficult for me. I did my best to encourage her, when she along to Tracy Chapman's 'Revolution' I could hear her voice was good. At home I was thinking about it all and started to wonder if her voice was being used to produce bootlegged tracks...

Dancing and tears in dramatherapy. Little me and rabbit. Everyone has a Rabbit.

Simpsons episodes on mind control cults and Marge as a glamour model. Usual genius.

New Shrink soon. A little apprehension.

Pub today. 1 and half pints of Guinness at two separate locations. Both went down like magic.

Thinking about drama, thinking about moving forward.