March 23, 2012

What next?

I've been thinking a lot about studying drama and acting. Thinking about the practicalities. I feel quite lucky at the moment. I have a supportive GP, a psychiatrist and two forms of therapy. Sounds like a lot, putting it like that. Lots of people to write letters. Sounds good.

Difficult but great choices to choose from. College (if they let me have time out for therapy) or put the college off til next year and do other stuff.

There is an art class for mental health service users. I'd love to do it. But it clashes with drama.

I feel like I should be carrying pomp poms and be all skinny.

I have been enjoying my Glee recently. Skipped the Michael Jackson one but watched the Latin one and the Valentines day one. All extreme musical related cringing is cancelled out by all the gay people and the dancing. And boyish Britney. I feel so naughty watching it but it helps resolve many body issues I have ;)

Have to admit I love the time to myself. I really, lurve the time to myself. College should maybe wait a year. I've just started with NuShrink. I don't what to dive in to deep again.

We want art therapy
we need to flounce around
"we need to be among positive young people"
We need to be alone.

August is going to bring a lot of change. Good. The best change always happens in August its when I moved down here. It's summer.