February 25, 2017


It really means something that we are writing and thinking about her. "Julia". We spent a lot of timing not being amnesiac of her but unable to tell people because of what they who do, how closely we were watched. Of course things we happen sometimes that would make people wonder. "There seems to have been two people in the room with your DNA one pregnant, one not."  .. "you seem to have been at two places at the same time."

She was used for all the stuff that they couldnt get us to do because we have an physically intact brain. Lots and lots of pressure to hate her. To get rid of her because she was being used to do so much harm and let them destroy the evidence that she ever existed. But she was me. She was all victims and we are real and we have to do everything we can to stop it because its so evil and because it functions by enslaving creatures like me and her. All the numbers kept saying there was no way to get us both out without stopping all of it and that because too many people who weren't obviously bad to me were against her ever being safe it was impossible to get her out at all. We know many people wish we could start dealing with an other JS stuff. We will say his name Jon Stewart. Currently of HBO. And allude to events in France and say he is currently blocked by ourselves on twitter but thats all we can say. We are still being crushed under too much "can't be true" and fears caused by past violence to stop us saying of this to feel confident enough to state facts beyond that.

There was mass destruction options of course but by time we got to a place where we had escaped enough to have a full enough grasp of everything we would be to exhausted, too injured too make those kinds of decisions. We have to say we don't feel that way now because its true and we said we would.

There was a lot of getting back in touch with people and being able to give old friends, new friends and nation states details about Russian RA and fascists everywhere. So life affirming and so life endangering particularly as Britain has been wide open to any fascist surveillance and violence for much longer than I have been here. There is no place for us to hide here so we and everyone else has had to hide within ourselves. We hope it will not be this way forever

Buckle those wheels people. Crumble the mills. If we don't have it now we never will.