February 17, 2017

your not my daddy

It feels really good to be watching US news channels and journalists again and its not like before where we did it out of vague interest and some dubious sense of duty or make me feel like I was engaging and always ended up unfollowing because the reality of our life was so far away from the world they were reporting I felt even more sub human. It's so public now who the "sub human" is and the reality of our life is without so much ongoing violence, attacks and ops and that de radicalises us. It's possible to feel that common ground between myself and the rest of Earth's humanoid inhabitants isn't just temporary and literal.

It's important to enjoy non bullshitty news when its around and your in a position to do so. We are worried about complacency though. It all seems so ridiculous it cant possibly continue in our civilised nation.. We have enough historical insight to know thats a time when liberalism is dangerous as fuck.

It's to be in a place where we can expressive negativity about Russian authorities and institutions, anything out of the very early years we have few associations beyond hopelessness. Like Britain the ancientness the conservationism the imperialism meant satanic practices were long ago protected and centralised. It's impossible to not feel fury on behalf of the Russian people. They fight and work so hard when they are and always were being betrayed in the worst and most massive ways. The Brits lots their hearts long ago but the Russian's kept a hold of theirs for so long. Just for wife beating to be legalised in the 21st Century and the courting and protecting of Trump and people like him throughout the world.

We are still buried in post apocalypse Boston. Our main mission at the moment is scouring the commonwealth for nice things to put in our home or on shelves in shops. Onto the second row of bobbleheads and have quite a few robot models they are so cute.. Not sure about the vault building quests..definitely will be going back to Nukaworld to dispense some justice though and pick up souvenirs of course, also still have to figure out how to retrieve Dima's last memory with Nick.. busy girl.