There was two of us. There is senses of various stories. She sacrificed herself for me. They were intending on keep one off in pain and misery whilst protecting and nurturing the other. The war to get us back was raging and they knew they knew that plan was in danger. It was supposed to me but she didnt me to go through any more she made them think she was me. We were both so tiny we can't be sure from here. They didn't kill her they just cut almost all of her out her head. We went through phases of being angry that people weren't doing more to help her and get her out like they did me. Then we would remember or be told what they had turned her into. Even though we understood it was impossible for it to not add to the sense of distance between us and everyone else.

I can't remember the exact words the dude on the phone to us in Dundee used when he discussed her autopsy. We remember saying we weren't sure if there was enough left for them to see what had be done to her brain when she was little and that we were glad that there was so they could see and we wouldnt have to explain it all. He was pretty shocked and asked if that was what he saw in the remains of her brain was what we were fighting and we said yes, that they did it and much else in front of us and that as useful as trauma and messing with dissociation is in terms of mind control if you really want to destroy a person - brain injury. We didn't talk that long but I think we said it had been going for a very long time and could prove it. We met him and others at one of the facilities after in front of one of our massive towering slices showing  millenias of Western horror.

The call from the other side about it all was quite something. To tell them she was dead but secure already knowing exactly what he was going to say next because it was stuff that was planned anyway. When white power slavers tell you you have lost the "only support from us you have" it gives one a warm glow. 

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