February 22, 2017

Terra not so Firma

Cold has us down. They often do that. Feeling horrible triggers memories of other times of feeling horrible. We wish we could share more about what going on for us. So many amazing stories would be so good to be able to write them, to spend time crating them. To know people were enjoying them. We cant though. We are at a wall. A Russian wall. After so many years of being forced to avoid the subject it is going to be on our mind a lot. Like when Jersey or the Savile stories broke. We are in a much better place than we were during those times though. Cold us brought back when me and the lad had proper flu in Dundee. We thought we could maybe write more about that but apparently not. People know we need hugs. But we will say it again anyway. We need hugs. And words.

Good and scary to see news about other planets. Why scary? Have you seen how Earth treats life? All the violent divisions, the extreme exploitation, the total destruction.. The thought of SpaceX being out there at all disgusts us. In reality though we don't need to be too worried about that.. done everything we can.. blah blah.

We still see they odd tweet from people we haven't unfollowed yet claiming the whole fake news thing. I want to ask them if they think big nation states ever mess around with each other like that and if they have noticed where Russia is at culture wise and if they think it is possible for anti human rights people from one country to be working with people with similar views in other countries.. But conspiracies are something we do to other people not something that happens to us!!

In between and along side all the amnesia and denial we did a lot of work in the past few years. Not that we can remember much in great detail. We can remember so emotional reactions quite clearly though usually with some detail on what caused it. We have to keep saying it because it feels so detached that the tech, the machinery that made fighting so pointless in the past is down. Earth's Satanists are not protected by higher powers like they were they are protected by each other which is bad enough but not impossible.

I hate colds.