Last day in June

We look more and more like her everyday. But maybe its a mental thing. We see MLK  in Junior beats seeing his rapist “cant you take all that stuff of her” male paternal DNA contributor. We never see them in him but We wonder about his hyper mobility in the joints, more incest in the Trumps than the Brit royals.. yikes.

 Programmed Putin gives NATO their fucking fascist war, Mr Biden sends a squadron of airborne brain damage machines. Just like We said they would in 1988, 9/11, Roe vs Wade, war and a bunch of horrific Satanic AF plans for me and Junior that have 0 chance of actually happening.

 “I just want a peaceful life Mr Biden.”

“Thats not possible.”

After we hang up the phone rings again and it’s Merrick Garland. 19fucking88. Logiebank, Glenprosen. DD8 4SA.

Kevin McKidd still alive, unforgivable by itself he’s not a royal or a trump or a BBC employee or a current politician, judge or Rupert Murdoch.. Think the centralised surveillance system in the Pentagon is down though and We got all that was ours out of there so We wont stop anyone that wants to take it out this time. Have at her.

No fucking weed. :(

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