May 28, 2010

He tried to kiss me!

It was a nice enough evening but too cold to stand about so I went for a walk, thinking the exercise might help me sleep better. On the way home I passed the local and went in, why not? Might as well replace the calories burned of by walking. There was to my surprise a vaguely interesting man in talking about watching the dolphins in the bay. He was quite drunk and wanted to exchange numbers, which is fair enough. Grabbing me outside for a kiss however, wasn't.

I am not any less confused, the whole sex, dating, attraction shit completely mystifies me. I look at youngish blokes a lot, they often look strangely familiar but when they start making moves, I like the validation but also feel uneasy, like he's got me confused with someone very, very different.

I txted him this morning to say thanks for the Guinness and to give me phone if he's around. If he phones back I will lay it on the line. I am very confused at the moment so keep your hands to yourself.

The bar maid was gorgeous though. Thankfully I don't think I need to worry about her trying to kiss me.. What a relief.

I sent out 'Transcending' yesterday and the end of course. Quite excited. Getting better at reading them out loud. I also have a new one 'Glasgow Fair' from an old prose piece. The prose isn't much use, it's not how I think, how I experience.
I often think about a long one but don't want to use shorter poems. There's plenty to write about. There's a free entry competition that asks for six pages. Maybe I could give it a go. Something big could include the 'rationalist cowl' that keeps haunting me. Something that challenges Milton, that answers Godot and then some. I may have to wait until I have studied more.