May 04, 2010

I am glad.

There's a fair amount of resources

for lesbian moms out there, although the internet has brought a fair amount of hell from far and wide and almost be the death of me on numerous occasions, I have to admit it is a positive thing these days. Slept much better the face ache was not the first thing I was aware of today. Probably because my mum is back and mentioned the salt gargles should only involve a pinch of salt and not half a cup. No wonder my gums are splitting and receding, none of that infection agony though. Still feel pretty shaken up just want to hide and write, the end of course assessment is not due in distant August but at the start of June and has to be posted so basically the end of May. That's May, this month.


Glorious poetic prose, it's about me not the grade. The lines of the poems are stretching anyway I know it's different but also easier. More words less distillation,
The birth of Daffodil, first chapter beginnings or some less clich├ęd but means the same. Me know, memories of the name, lesbian love and the broken rainbow.