May 02, 2010

May day is over.

Another shitty night (what do I expect, no exercise I know the score). Just read a thing in the Independent about plans to make professional football less homophobic with that Clifford bloke saying he has takin steps to make sure three footballer are never exposed as the big poofs that they are (arn't all footballers poofs that's the point?). Care to elaborate mr creepy publicist dude? Is he an example of the prejudice or the effect it has on people? I'm sure there ate lots of words could some it all up but my favorite would be 'yuck'

But I feel like that about most things..

Today though, hash has ran out and I have to cook a duck and peel tatties, go in the shower and do a bit more parenting. Not lurk in my room wailing and gnashing sore jaws.